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Local man to recieve an award!

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All American Motorsports would like to announce that a special award will be presented to a individual for his outstanding contributions to the racing community. This individual has performed efforts that benefits the sport of racing through hard work, dedicated time and at a financial cost that comes out of his own pocket in most cases. The efforts placed by him has made it possible for the public to be informed of the sport of dirt track racing. You will often see this individual at many major events as well as weekly racing events. All the while. He had been taking notes as a roving reporter for various media’s such as DIRT Magazine, IMCA Newsletter, Late Model Digest, Hooks Dirt Review, Late Model Racer Magazine, Behind the Wheel and other’s. He has appeared on radio broadcasts before. Traveled with several different series as a staff writer all across south Texas and who knows where else. This former yankee from Merrillville, Indiana has even raced a few race cars in special events for media members and end of season events. The entire south knows him unofficially as the mouth of the south! ( Sorry but I just had to throw that in there..lol! )


Many of you folks may know him as Rebelracewriter on the internet forums. The man that I would like to present a very nice award to is none other than Jay Hallas of Kerrville, Texas.


It is my honor to provide this award to Jay for his continuous efforts. Many others also fit this criteria that I was looking for as a recipient. For this year. Jay Hallas is our man. A presentation location is yet to be decided. That announcement will follow soon.


Brad Crane, a long time announcer in the Dallas / Ft Worth area of 25 years was the last recipient of this award.


Once again. Congratulations to Jay Hallas. You deserve this and I am sure that you will continue to bring positive contributions to racing for years to come.


Douglas Rollo

All American Motorsports

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........or Kerrvillian. :lol:


Thanks Doug.......I'm honored and flattered. I've just tried to do the best I could despite some my critics opinions.


This certainly means quite a lot to me, especially after the trying week I've had financially, mentally and emotionally. It couldn't have come at a better time.


How about at the Southern Challenge in October?

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A well-deserved award to a deserving man/writer/racing nut/media-day driver/etc.


That right there tells you why he deserves it...


Congrats, Mr. Hallas...you've certainly had this coming for a long time..


Enjoy the much-deserved moment! :D

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