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Texas Thunder Speedway Full Results

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Air & Armor night at the races worthy of a place on the mantle piece!


For immediate release

Contact Pat Wilson 254-290-6262





By Bill “Sarge” Masom

Killeen, Tx


Full results for the Air & Armor night at Texas Thunder Speedway on 8-26-06


Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Jr Mini Stocks


1.22 Joseph Chamock

2.712 Colton Monroe

3.4r Nathan Robbins

4.14 Clayton Harzog



Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Street Stocks


1.74 Dave Meadows

2.1 Robert Simmerman

3.0 Chris Ochoa

4.85 Corey Stepan

5.26 Scott Wilson

6.40 Albert Wininger, Jr

7.43 Gene Burnett

8.63 Danny Dunn

9.05 Ryan Anderson

10.11x Brad Weir

11.20 Trevor Sparkman

12.36c Don Watson

13.100 Brian Fuller

14.96k Kelvin Harper

15.97 Chad McLean

16.19r Dean Silva

17.21 Chris Florio

18.82 Lee Chasse

19.83 Dennis Simmons

20.9 Carl Boettcher


Hertz Rent A Car I. M. C. A. Southern SportMods


1.83 Kenny Ware

2.6 Hardy Henderson

3.1b Brandon Hood

4.17w Billy White

5.9x Jason Hoffman

6.107 David Goode

7.231 Shad Stevens

8.11w Kevin West

9.34 Corey Homan



Corbin & Associates, Atty's I. M. C. A. Stock Cars


1.47 Benji Kirkpatrick

2.09 Gary "Storming" Norman

3.44 Ron Simpson

4.84x Eric Jones

5.23 Shad Stevens

6.9 Jason “the Acro” Batt

7.8 Vernon "Buck" Owens

8.36 Tracy Kitchens

9.86 Wayne Neff

10.79x Anthony Otken

11.T4 Tony Hamil

12.318 Scott Bowles

13.93 Jacob Dunn

14.3 Robin Rasmussen

15.517 Ed Keiner

16.18 Gene Burnett

17.20c Chris Lanham

18.43 Jessie James Cox Jr

DNS 51 Donald Lewis



Dodge Country I. M. C. A. Modifieds


1.707 PJ Egbert

2.44 Allen Waltermire

3.15 Andrew Simmerman

4.9 Pat McGuire

5.27 Danny Gribble

6.71 Glenn Derks II

7.52 Ken Old


9.82 Rick Green

10.00 Jason Hoffman

11.63 Hardy Henderson

12.98j Jarrod Jennings

13.7 J.D. Schiels

14.39 Paul Mullins

15.412 Marc Beltz

16.20x Chuck Bish

17.247 Bill Lecompte

18.25 Dan Roberts

19.19 George Lamphere Jr

20.18 Jason Hubbert

21.11 Wesley Hamilton




Cottman Transmissions Mini Stocks


1.712 PJ Egbert

2.20 Travis Zwiefelhofer

3.202 Julie "Kelly" Zwiefelhofer

4.82 Jeremy Oliver

5.44 Rickey Reid

6.9 Eric Robbins Sr

7.1 Mike Autrey

8.8r Robert Robbins

9.38 Daniel Shipler




Budweiser Racing Texas Twisters


1.190 Tom Yagalla

2.1 Mike Autrey

3.11 Keith Desmarais

4.B52 Scott Crossley

5.71 Chris Florio

6.221 Brad Garrison

7.107.3 Nasty Nate Cullifer

8.37 James Deane

9.9 Victoria Twardokus

10.17 Neil Elliott

11.829 JD Hardcastle

12.2 Larry Tuerck

13.116s Kevin Myers

14.7 Jared Bouchie

15.223 Howard Twardokus

16.12 Aaron White

17.20 Jesse Call



Join us next week as Clear Channel and the Fox Rocks, FM 107.3 present the Southern States Midget Association. These “traditional” race cars are always put on a thrilling race!


Also, in three weeks, September 16th it is time to crash and bang, as The National Bank of Central Texas presents Demo Derby Two! Please check Texas Thunder Speedway's Web site for the revised rules for the Demo Derby at http://www.texasthunder.com


Gates open at 6:00 PM and racing starts at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $10 for Adults, $3 for kids 6-12 and kids under 6 are free. Season passes are available as well.


New for fans this year is the ability to purchase their tickets online with a credit card. Just go to the Texas Thunder Speedway web site, and click on the “Buy and Print Tickets” button. Also you can use your Visa or Master Card in the tracks souvenir and concession stands.


For all track information, weather, directions, and to purchase your tickets, go to http://www.texasthunder.com.


Texas Thunder Speedway is a 1/4 mile semi-banked oval dirt track. Races Every Saturday Night March through September! With Seven SUPER EXCITING classes of cars to entertain the entire family.


Featured classes include; Dodge Country IMCA Modifieds, Corbin & Associates, Attys IMCA Stock Cars, Hertz IMCA SportMods, Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Street Stocks, Cottman Transmissions Mini Stocks, Jr Mini Stocks & Budweiser Racing Texas Twisters. Special Events designed especially for the kids as well as Powder Puff Races, Pit Crew Tire Contest and our all time crowd pleaser, the Demolition Derby.


Come join the fun, at Texas Thunder Speedway


Bill "Sarge" Masom

Texas Thunder Speedway PR/Media

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Aaron, I went and picked them up just outside of Fredericksburg, they were both ok at that time. Maybe Mrs. Sarge was upset about him killing the Neon and poisoned him. LMAO Not to make light of the situation, but I did see them and the car. Front end caved in and he ran it until the radiator went dry........oops! And he didn't even stop to pick up the venison steaks.

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Me and Scott are fine, the deer and the Neon are not. Scott never even woke up when the deer and Neon intersected.


I am suffering from allergies. Feel like crud. Wanna sleep all day and night.




Thanks man! I owe you big time.


Bill "Sarge" Masom

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