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Season Points Winners

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CC Speedway

Season Points Winners :oB):rolleyes::D:)


Texas Thunders Drivers


77 GB Carter 845 1st Place

11 Chip Harmon 460 2nd Place

29 Johnny Guerra 350 3rd Place

96 Shawn Bourland 260 Rookie of the Year


Super Street Drivers


20 Troy Vela 765 1st Place

84 Greg Carlucci, Sr. 645 2nd Place

34 Greg Carlucci, Jr. 470 3rd Place

66 Troy Hensiek 345 Rookie of the Year


Bomber Drivers


44 Mike Lee 680 1st Place

7 Hansley (Shorty) Nagel 565 2nd Place

6 Mark Villarreal Jr 410 3rd Place & Rookie of the Year



End of Season Results


CC Speedway Race Results



Feature Winners




44 Mike Lee

25 Ernie Villegas

00 Johnny Thomas

6 Mark Villarreal Jr

7 Hansley (Shorty) Nagel

66 Paul Nelson

90 Jesse Vega

82 Anthony Monroe




34 Greg Carlucci, Jr.

67 Joe Horne

20 Troy Vela

X4 Robert Ponce

88 Nellie Kelley

66 Troy Hensiek




77 GB Carter

26 Lalo Leal

15 Chaly York

11 Chip Harmon

17 Bubba Ford

96 Shawn Bourland

22 Brandon Skinner

3 Jesse Sandoval

29 Johnny Guerra

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i thought lalo was going to pull it off he was fast but the tires didnt hold up they gave way to gb .boy your getting to many gifts gb .must be your birthday every saterday night lol .he didnot need jr spinning ,cuz once those tires cooled off that was it .very good race tho rubbing but clean .need more of those so we will be out there next year giveing what we can .great job with what the staff had to indure this year .cant wait for next year .we will have atleast two cars out there if not all three .

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OT you are right about me getting free passes.Lalo had that race won till the caution for a dead battery gave me the close up I needed.Next year will be different,I had the advantage of racing all year where you guys had only a limited time to tweek your chassis.A small adjustment could have changed everything.Lalo,I dont think your car was fart but it was fast.I was happy that Johnny and Chip made it back after the bad crash but I wish Ronald could have made it too.The CC Critters,96,77,& 15 are going to keep racing,now on dirt,to keep learning how to improve our cars.We dont have enough engine to challange for the win but seat time is seat time. :ph34r: Some of you have expressed concerns about going dirt but I can tell you we will help any team adjust and park with us and I guarntee nobody will give you any greif.Lets get a head start on next year. :P

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fart gb your correct fast your no slouch either .going to be fun again raceing you old farts .hell i might scare you and i and race a few nah i couldnt put yah through that or can i .hmmmmmm .good luck on dirt gb .see you next year .

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