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Last Day of Races!


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Hey Y'all! This is Jody writing under my hubbies membername (John).

Most everyone knows me from working line-up and pit steward in the past, this year I have been the track Concession Manager.


I just wanted to express my heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation to all the good people that have been working up front with me in the concession stand, beer stand, candy shack, and ticket booth. Without everyones concerted effort to do their best, things wouldn't have gone as smooth and fun as it has.


I am adding a special "Thank You" to my crew that worked "Head down and Butt up" right next to me in the food concession>Christine, Joy, Barb, Krystal, Trish, Melanie, Jackie, Jerry, Joseph, and of course Carol Yocum! (I apologize if I missed anyone)You all are wonderful and it has been a pleasure to work with a team like you that take pride in your work and offering great customer service to all.


We all tried hard to offer good food at good prices in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

Hope everyone will come by and say "howdy" to us this last race day of the season!


Look forward to seeing everyone plus more next year!


Jody Lee

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Thank you for adding the Legacy cars to your schedule.


We are looking forward to racing at CC Speedway next year. As far as I am concerned CC Speedway is the place to be for racing.


Thank you

hey i missed meeting you what cars numbers were yours and i talked to james lee been along time and of course tps 74 john .like to try one of those cars out someday .

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