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THR Announces Demo Derby for 9/2/06

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Exciting News, first off let us start off by saying, The TEXAS STOCK CAR SPECTACULAR scheduled for Oct 28 will be POINTS RACES for the THR SS, HS & GS to make up for the rainout this season.


Next, our upcoming September 2nd event @ THR poster is attached! If you would please print it and put it up in your shop or place of business, we would certainly appreciate it!


If you like for us to drop you a 11X17 colored poster, just give us a call. It will be the A-line Auto Parts Demolition Derby - Racing starts at 7:00 Demo Derby to follow! Up to — $1500.00 — for winner, only a $50 Entry fee. For more info on the Derby call (512)393-9471 (512)262-1352, rules are posted at www.thunderhillraceway.com.


It will also be the Big Brothers Big Sisters Night with a BIG A-line Street Stock 50 laps w/qualifying, Texas Super Racing Series-Late Models, TX Pro Sedans, Hobby Stocks, Grand Stocks, Legacys, JRA Kids Bike Races and the NASKARTS!


Hope you all enjoy you weekend off with your family and you get to watch Bristol on your TV's. See you next weekend @ THR! "Testing & Tuning" will be on Friday, gates open @ noon, camping & partying is allowed. Two day armbands are available on Friday.


Thanks so much,

Mary Ann Naumann 512.844.3582

Brian Callaway 512.801.8717

Thunder Hill Raceway &

The Texas Super Racing Series - The Late Models

Info Line: 512.262.1352 (Race Track)

Fax: 512.247.9570


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