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4~Hart Motorsports: Overheating

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4~Hart Motorsports Media Relations


-- For Immediate Release




SAN ANTONIO, TX (August 19, 2006) – With the race on the date of the 19th, 4~Hart Motorsports was hoping to put the #19 into the Winner’s Circle for the 9th race of the Texas ProSedan season. Twenty-seven cars registered for the event, and it was contested at the Nascar sanctioned high banked half-mile asphalt speedway in San Antonio, Texas.


4~Hart Motorsports had pulled out all the stops to prepare and solve the overheating issue that has plagued the team all year. “We have been battling this overheating issue all season. We have talked to every Honda expert we can find. The next step is to fly one of the Honda designers over here from Japan” Lloyd Hart, driver of the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX said jokingly.


“Seriously, we have talked to everyone, and there is no logical reason for the issue. It has happened on four different engines this season, so that basically rules out it being something on one engine. The problem is in the flow. After 4-5 laps, the water just stops flowing through the system. Next step is a new design to the system, and lots of prayers!!” Hart continued after the race. “We have a couple of more ideas, and will get the issue resolved.”


Going into the third practice session, Hart said that the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX was pretty good, but got hot after just running a few laps. His last lap of practice, the car shot straight for the wall between turns three and four. “I thought for sure I was going to hit wall. Not sure what happened, I went into the turn on the same line I had been running, but this time it did not turn. There is an old saying that goes something like ‘Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly.’ Well I am grateful that my guardian Angel helped keep it off the wall. It would have done enough damage to end our night if we had hit it” Hart said.


The Crew Chief, Jack Foy, and crew member Joe Maloney had gone over everything in the system one more time. The team was as ready for qualifying as they could be. Of the 16 cars that had arrived for the night’s race, fourteen qualified. When qualifying was over, Hart had finished 6th fastest. The Texas ProSedan Director, Neil Upchurch had stated in the driver’s meeting, that one, two, or three rows would be inverted for the line up. It was based upon a pick (out of a hat) done prior to qualifying. Two rows had been inverted.


At the start of the race, the field of fourteen cars flew past the waving green flag. As the cars filed past the start-finish line, Hart took the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX three wide into turn one. Hart moved into the fifth spot and by lap two, he had settled in solidly into that spot. “The car was really good. I settled into 5th, and was letting a few laps go by” Hart said. The top four cars were still dicing it up, and Hart waited for the right opportunity to continue his climb to the front. But by lap four, the temperature had climbed past 230 degrees. “My heart sank. We finally had the car running great, and were racing the leaders. I kept it out there a few more laps, but then it started to climb radically upwards” Hart said. After crossing the start-finish line and logging seven completed laps into the record books, Hart shut the engine off and coasted around turns one and two, and then pulled into the back pit entrance. “If I had kept it running even a half lap more, it would have cooked the engine. It did not have enough momentum to make it back to the front entrance, so I elected to pull it off there instead of causing a yellow to come out by needing a push back to the pits.”


The race continued, and was won by Donnie Moore in the #70 VW Scirocco owned by George Merrell. Lloyd Hart and the entire 4~Hart Motorsports team wishes Donnie congratulations on another fine win.


Hart stated after the race, “We had a great car tonight, and excluding the overheating, we know we have the package together to get back into the Winner’s Circle. Overall, it was great night, as it doesn’t appear that we hurt the engine, and we were able to drive the car onto the trailer. It was fun racing the leaders again.”


Hart went on to say “My sponsor, Instant Imprints in San Antonio, and the 4 ~ Hart Motorsports team put together t-shirts that were again given away to the fans tonight, as a way to say thanks to them. Thanks to Debbie, Tammy, Terry, Rick, and all of the great folks at San Antonio Speedway for working with us and Instant Imprints in sharing the t-shirts with the fans!! The plan is to giveaway more t-shirts to the supportive fans at each race this year.”


The #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX driver also said, “Thanks to all of TPS for putting on such a great race, and to San Antonio Speedway for hosting our races. We are looking forward to returning there for Octoberfast on October 7th. I also have to thank God for a safe race, thanks to my great primary sponsor, Instant Imprints, to my Crew Chief Jack, and all of my Crew, Karla, Greg, Samantha, Kathy, Jonathan, and Joe, and also to all of my family for their unending support of my racing!”


4~Hart Motorsports and the Texas ProSedans can next be found at Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle Texas on September 2nd for their tenth race of the season.


4~Hart Motorsports is sponsored by Instant Imprints of San Antonio. Information about 4~Hart Motorsports can be found at www.4hartmotorsports.com.


Information about Texas ProSedans can be found at www.texasprosedans.com

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T hat honda is very fast .and daggummit i hope like heck you can get that darn thing figured out wont hurt our or anyones feelings when you do beat all of us you.ll deserve it and of course the crew to .and we can all have a party . ;) dang i must be getting solft in my old age i never thought id vote for a fwd . but you guys are a class act and deserve one . but we wont slow down for you . ;)

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