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Preliminary expected drivers for 9-1 Blizzard


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This list will change some between now and the race, but it is shaping up to be another doozie! Hopefully there should be 30 or more with no problem!


Should be here:


1.Joey Senter

2.Dave Mader

3.Jr Niedecken

4.Donald Long

5.Donnie Wilson

6.Josh Hamner

7.Jason Young (Texas)

8.Steven Davis

9.Ron McDonald

10.Eddie Craig

11.Grant Enfinger

12.Stanley Smith

13.Augie Grill

14.Doug Thorpe

15.Tim Martin

16.Jay Middleton

17.Justin Drawdy

18.Ken McFarland

19.Cecil Chunn

20.Ryan Crane

21.Roger Reuse

22.Chris Davidson(Texas)

23.Fain Skinner

24.James Buescher(Texas)

25.Bubba Pollard

26.Andy Pugh

27.Johnny Brazier

28.J.R Norriss


Good chance:


29.Jeff Scofield

30.Larry Schilds(Texas)

31.Matt Merrell(Texas)

32.Richard Fincher

33.Charlie Bradberry

34.Jeff Choquette

35.Brian Scott

36.Dale Little

37.Allan Karnes




38.Mario Gosselin

39.Gary Helton

40.Dwayne Buggay

41.Scott Carlson

42.Jeremy Pate

43.David Rogers

44.Wade Day

45.Tal Etheridge

46.Mike Fritts

47.Brian Finney

48.Todd McLemore(Texas)

49.Casey Green

50.T. Wade WElch

51.Corey Ruble

52.Wes Loyd

53.Tuffy Hudson(Texas)

54.Heath Hindman

55.David Hole

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