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my brother has a problem with is hei system .his car keeps dieing looses spark . he has


Changed coil


changed pic up .


rotor .


rewired it new toggles and wireing .


ground strapped it to death .


plug wires. made shure he is getting a good ground to the dis .



did not fix problem



and them gave up and changed distributors .and it did no good tried every thing he could thi nk of but missed last weeks races cuz this wont go away .


last year the car would run good for a few laps and start missing out this year has not even made it to the track for this problem .

he told me that it would start and run good for a few minutes and shut down no spark and later do it all over again the only thing he has not changed yet is the dist cap . so anyone of you hei smarter than me have a answer .

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A common problem in all electrical systems (and probably the most incorrectly diagnosed) is a broken wire inside a wire harness. Places where the wire is flexing around a tie down point would be the best place to start also close to connectors or any other place where it is possible to flex the wire at a single point. Copper, like other metals, "work hardens", in other words, the more you bend it, the harder it gets.


Try it with a common piece of house wiring - bend the wire at one point and if you try to bend it back straight, the wire will bend right next to the original bend. The bent area is now harder than the rest of the wire.


Back to the problem, the wire will flex until it is hard then it will break. Since the broken pieces are inside the plastic insulation, you don't see them. The ends may touch and allow current to flow momentarily but as things heat up and the plastic gets warm and expands, the ends pull apart and there goes the circuit.


You dig around in the harness moving things around while you replace some suspect component and when you are done, magically the system works again - for a little while. All you did was move the wires together until they touched..


Happy Hunting!

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hes done most of that and then some even rewired the whole system ill have to ask him abuot the battery and where his grounds are located and 72 ive had that problem before just didnt remember that one getting old and so far guys everyone of you have some great ideals that s why i brought it up to yah thanks .see im not perfect just close :lol::lol::lol::blink:

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Had the same problem this year. Run great and then die.It was actually a bad fuel line. Dont just blow air thru them look in the ends to see if the fuel has soften the rubber and cuased it to ball up inside where it will run out of fuel. We felt it was hei also but we were wrong.

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