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Crash-A-Rama at SAS

Rick Day

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September 23rd, is the night of all nights,

IF you like crashes

If you like destruction

IF you like fire

and want to have a good time San Antonio Speedway, Sept 23 is the place to be.


See another great Demolishion Derby

Boat Races( we have a outlet for boats cheap)

Bus Races

Flag Pole Races

Special Road Runner/Grand Stock Combo race

Ranch Truck run off on a special course on the infield for $500.00 to win

Beer Push off (contact the office for details)

and working on two great attraction to be announced.


Contact the speedway office for all the detail and entry blanks.


Rick Day

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Did I miss something? "Special Road Runner/Grand Stock race"? Where did that come from? That should be an interesting event. I dont know, there is something fishy about bringing my car out on a night labeled Crash-a-Rama! Look forward to the details.

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