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Rio Grande


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I'm running STS Pure Stock Rules.

If I were to show up in McAllen.

Do I have to change anything to run.

I'm pretty sure I would be running Street Stocks down there.

I'd hate to show up and run good, then get DQ'd and come home with no money.

I weigh 3300 lbs

And I have screw in studs

If one of you guys see this let me know please.

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Bring em on. From what I understand you have one race that is a "freebee" and you can run in the class that we put you in. I do know that Johnny has said that if you all bring at least 8 of your cars in a class that doesn't match ours, he will run you as your own class.


You shouldn't be too far off from our street stocks, bring it on down and play with us.

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