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Where are they?


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Ok.. i went back to the 03 racing season and put the below stats together

There are 19 different cars that have raced Hobby this year.. Just seems we cant get them all there at the same time...

any known reason's why.. from the teams?


Below are some of the car count sats from last few years... the SS's are improving...


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2006 Thunder Hill Raceway - HOBBY Stock Drivers

2 Kevin Bowen

3 Ronnie Hopper

4 Gary Chancellor

6 Dave Loveday

8 Roy Loveday

10 Terry Tschoerner

14 Joey Tschoerner

15 Tom Smith

20 Steve Joyce

22 Howard Rusnak, Jr.

25 Rick Latimer

44 Gary Chancellor, Jr.

50 Aaron Brungot

75 Duane Sanders


Great qustion we where talking about this just the other day there are 14 registered drivers Hobby Stock Total Points


44 Gary Chancellor Jr. 843

4 Gary Chancellor 813

14 Joey Tschoerner 777

25 Rick Latimer ® 705

50 Aaron Brungot ® 647

20 Steve Joyce ® 543

04 Steve Osborne ® 510

8 Roy Loveday 413

2 Kevin Bowen 338

15 Jeff Smith ® 325

10 Terry Tschoerner 182

65 James Lynch Jr. 163

31 Geoff Rabb 155

7 Dave Loveday 133

40 Stan Easty 106

15 Cody Smith 103

3 Ronnie Hopper 92

65 John Heil 83

5 Kevin Wilson 62

7 Harry Hewitt 62

22 Howard Rusnak Jr. 55

67 Joe Horne ® 13

66 Allen Torres ® 11


And 23 that have been here at at least one race this year could you imagine if they would all show up at once!

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why spend the time and money to keep up a car let alone build one to run 8 races oh wait maybe 10 races , what a joke! :huh:

Actually, the less you race it, the less money you spend on it in most cases. My personal opinion is we spend the time and money on it because it's what we love to do, RACE! So it's time and money well spent.

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diddnt mean to sound like i was bashing just miss the good old days watchin yall bounce off the boiler plate. ;)


cant really say much the guys i crewed for aint had the car off the trailer in a year and a half lol



and u would think with all this time off that other one would do a little better race prep


just venting good luck to everybody makin that trip to houston im gonna try to make it if the funds r there B)

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anybody know what happened to Steve Joice # 20 hs I didnt expect to see him miss a race after showing up the next week in a new car when he totaled the first one .


He said the motor would not start. They worked on it at his shop till the time of the drivers meeting and still could not get it going. As far as I know now it's fixed now but he still does not know what was wrong.

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