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J.C. Umschied


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J.C and I probably got started off on the wrong foot earlier this year but let me tell you, this guy can just flat out freaking drive a race car, ANY racecar! Goes from finishing 3rd last week at SAS to sweeping a double header legends race this weekend at HMP! J.C, you ought to put a sticker on your car that says, "Have Wheels? Will Drive!"


JC's legend had some problems late Friday and was unsure if he was going to start the heat. Well he missed the call so started scratch, but that didn't stop him one bit! I'd say within 5 laps he was head hunting for the leader.


Congrats on two succesful days at HMP and hope to see you out at HMP with your SLM sometime soon!


FYI, Anyone who raced at HMP this weekend, your times and results SHOULD be posted on my laps by now.

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