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Texas Thunder Speedway Full Results

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The Brazos Mini-Sprint Association joined the seven always exciting local classes for another night of great racing, sponsored by VP Race Fuels, at Texas Thunder Speedway!


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By Bill “Sarge” Masom

Killeen, Tx


A big field of cars were on hand for VP Racing Fuels night at the racing. Joining the fun were nineteen drivers representing the Brazos Mini-Sprint Association, and they put on a heck of a show.


Up first were three youngsters in the Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Jr Mini Stocks took to the track for their ten lap feature. Joseph Charnock got the early lead from Colten Monroe and Clayton Hartzog. Monroe reeled in Charnock on lap three and the two banged doors in turn one when Monroe dove under the leader. The raced hard side by side all the way around to turn four, where Monroe finally made the move stick. Monroe went on to win his ninth race of the year.


Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Jr Mini Stocks


1.712 Colton Monroe

2.22 Joseph Chamock

3.14 Clayton Harzog



The championship battle in the Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Street Stocks was close coming into the weekend. There was only one point separating current points leader Albert Wininger Jr and defending track champion Robert Simmerman. Travor Sparkman was only eight points back in third.


It was Brian Fuller getting the jump on the nineteen car field. He was followed by Gene Burnett, Dave Meadows, Joe Fuller, and Don Watson. Watson would get passed by Sparkman before the lap was done. Burnett would suffer some sort of problem and tumbled down the order, letting Meadows into second. Sparkman then passed both Burnett and J. Fuller in turn one to haul himself to third. Meadows and B. Fuller were door handle to door handle in turn four on lap two for the lead. Meadows would get that lead in turn one on lap three. Turn four of lap three saw B. Fuller fall back even further, as Sparkman got by him. The J. Fuller would pass his brother as they raced down the front straight to start lap four. Simmerman would get around the once leader B. Fuller as well.


The first yellow of the race came out on lap five for a spin by Danny Dunn in turn two. Dunn had help as the officials deemed B. Fuller and Wininger Jr as to be involved in the incident. As the cars circulated under caution, J. Fuller pulled off the track and out of the race. The top five were shuffled, and as they came to green it was Meadows, Sparkman, Simmerman, Corey Stepan, and Carl Boettcher.


On the restart, Simmerman got around Sparkman in turn one to get second. Corey Stepan had problems and lost positions, letting Boettcher into fourth, and Tommy Kirkpatric into the top five. On lap seven, in turn four, Boettcher would get loose and both Kirkpatrick and Stepan got around him for fourth and fifth. Points leader, Wininger Jr pulled intot he pits and out of the race. On lap nine, Boettcher and Stepan were side by side on the front stretch for fifth, but Stepan held him off.


The race settled down for five laps, as lapped traffic was being dealt with. The race would take a bizarre twist on the white flag lap, when Meadows was trying to put early leader B. Fuller down a lap. The two made contact on the back stretch and Meadows went flying off the track. A yellow flag was displayed as the safety crew was dispatched to check on Meadows. During the caution period, B. Fuller was blacked flagged for rough driving.


The crowd rose to it's feet as the green came out for a one lap shootout. It was Simmerman in the lead, Sparkman in second, two lapped cars in between the third place Kirkpatrick, then another lapper to Boettcher and Stepan. Meadows would restart eleventh in line, and seventh in race order. On the drop of the green Kirkpatrick got alongside Sparkman for second. Going into turn one Kirkpatrick would take the spot. Meadows was on a tear, and would be passing Boettcher for fifth as they raced off of turn four to the waving checkered flag. Simmerman won his sixth race of the year from the ninth starting position.


Wininger Jr's pulling off on lap eight has changed the points standing considerably. With the win, Simmerman has taken over the lead, with Sparkman's fine third place in the race moving him up to second, nine points behind Simmerman in the championship battle. Wininger Jr has slipped to third, two points behind Sparkman and eleven behind Simmerman in the lead.


Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Street Stocks


1.1 Robert Simmerman

2.71 Tommy Kirkpatrick

3.20 Trevor Sparkman

4.74 Dave Meadows

5.9 Carl Boettcher

6.85 Corey Stepan

7.26 Scott Wilson

8.05t Duane Toyne

9.36c Don Watson

10.27 Tim Fasano

11.100 Brian Fuller

12.43 Gene Burnett

13.40 Albert Wininger, Jr

14.19r Dean Silva

15.00 Joe Fuller

16.63 Danny Dunn

17.5 Richard Valentine

18.0 Chris Ochoa

19.84x Eric Jones



Ten Hertz Rent A Car I. M. C. A. Southern SportMods took to the track for fifteen laps of battle. It was points leader Billy White getting the early lead over pole sitter, Robert Carr. They were followed by Hardy Henderson, and Shad Stevens. As the pack raced hard in turn four, Henderson and White made contact. Henderson spun into the infield, and White lost four spots. So as they were coming to the line on lap two, the top five were Carr, Stevens, Sid “The Kid” Kiphen, White, and Chuck Schoenfeld.


On lap three Stevens took over the lead from Carr with a move on the back stretch. A lap later, and Kiphen got around Carr in turn two. Kenny Ware moved to fifth on the same lap, getting around Schoenfeld. Carr then spun his car on lap six, in turn four. He was able to get it going quickly, though he lost a spot to White.


The battle for the lead heated up on lap seven, as Kiphen was finally able to real in Stevens. In turn four, Kiphen would take over the lead and started to pull away. Three laps later and Ware dove under Carr in turn two in a battle for fourth. They raced wheel to wheel to turn four, where Ware took over the spot.


The last five laps were run hard, but no positions changed hands and Sid “The Kid” Kiphen drove his car into victory lane a straight away ahead of Stevens. Kiphen started sixth.


Hertz Rent A Car I. M. C. A. Southern SportMods


1.58 Sid "The Kid" Kiphen

2.231 Shad Stevens

3.17w Billy White

4.83 Kenny Ware

5.27 Robert Carr

6.9 Olin Dillard

7.14 Chuck Schoenfeld

8.107 David Goode

9.6 Hardy Henderson

10.47 Shannon Dulock



Nineteen Brazos Mini Sprint Association drivers put on a thrilling twenty lap feature race. The race wouldn't be green for long, as Corey Barnes spun in turn four, bringing out an early caution. Brandie Jass and Lee Mooney were caught up in the tangle. On the next try to start the race, it was Dustin Herring getting the jump over Chipper Wood, Richard Pitts, Dewayne Berger, and James Scruggs. Berger got around Pitts for third on the back stretch. On lap one Wood passed Herring in turn four to get the top spot.


On lap two, Troy Wren moved into fifth, after both he and Scruggs got by Pitts. On lap four Berger got around Herring on the front stretch for second. Wren moved passed Scruggs for fourth, but Ty Klintworth spun in turn four, bringing out the yellow flag. The top five, in order, for the restart were Wood, Berger, Herring, Wren, and Scruggs.


On the restart, Kodi Sunley would get into around both Scruggs and Wren to move to fourth. But the yellow flag was displayed for Wren, who had spun in turn one. On the restart, the BMSA officials moved Herring to the back of the pack for jumping the previous restart. So the mixed up top five were Wood, Berger, Scruggs, Sunley, and David Bruce.


Kodi Sunley got around Scruggs on the restart to claim third. On lap six the race for the lead was very exiting! Berger got around Wood for the lead in turn one. Then Wood repassed Berger in turn two to reclaim the top spot. On the next lap, Wood retook the top spot in turn four, dropping Berger to second. The battle continued on lap eight, as Berger again passed Wood, this time in turn one.


Wood fell further back on lap nine, as Sunley and Bruce passed him on the back stretch to get second and third. On lap eleven, Sunley got around Bruce to get to second in turn two. Scruggs had moved back into fifth as Wood continued to slide back through the field. Lap thirteen was unlucky for several drivers, as Wood spun in turn four, collecting Brian Youngblood and David DeLeon and bringing out the yellow flag.


The restart order was shuffled, as the BMSA officials docked Sunley four spots for jumping the previous restart. So the top five coming to green were Berger, with two lapped cars between him and the second place car of Bruce. Scruggs was in thrid, Tim Sandelovic and Sunley fourth and fifth. On the restart, Sunley got around both Sandelovic and Scruggs to get into third. Scruggs wound up in the front stretch wall and out of the race, and the BMSA officials deemed Sunley the cause of the caution and put him to the rear of field for the restart.


So, again the top five was changed. Berger was the leader, Bruce was in second, Wren third, Sandelovic fourth, and DeLeon was lined up in fifth. Bruce would spin his car in turn four on the restart, but no yellow was thrown. Bruce must have liked making the little circles, as he continued to make donuts low in turn four, tallying up five in total before he righted the ship and sailed on.


Sunley was on a charge from the back of the pack picking off cars seemly at will. On lap seventeen Sunley moved into second, getting around Wren. But Sunley ran out of time to catch Berger and the Bryan, Texas driver finished four car lengths over Sunley. The points leader Berger added to his points total.


VP Racing Fuels Brazos Mini-Sprint Association


1.23 Dewayne Berger

2.44 Kodi Sunley

3.1 Troy Wren

4.11 Tim Sandelovic

5.15 Dustin Herring

6.66 David DeLeon

7.10 Brian Youngblood

8.8 David Bruce

9.2 Richard Pitts

10.73 Ty Kintworth

11.97 James Scruggs

12.47 Chipper Wood

13.48 Clayton Barnes

14.27 Rodney Coburn

15.24 Brandie Jass

16.16 Michael Mooney

17.39 Corey Barnes

18.19 Mike Pitts

19.78 Lee Mooney



Nineteen Dodge Country I. M. C. A. Modified drivers took to the track for their twenty lap feature race. It was Scotty Heintzman used his pole position to take the early lead. As they hit the back straight, it was Rick Green in second, Allen Waltimire third, with Glenn Derks and Ken Old fourth and fifth. On the next go around, Waltimire was wheel to wheel with Green for second, but Green would hold him off in turn four. Derks had problems and fell back. Old got around Waltimire on lap two on the back stretch for third.


Then the racing got real exciting! Waltimire tried to get back around Old in turn one on lap three. They raced side by side all the way around to turn four, when PJ Egbert made it a three wide battle for third coming out of the last turn! The positions wouldn't be settled until turn two on lap four, when Egbert got around both and put his pink car in third. Waltimire got around Old for fourth.


The first yellow was brought out on lap five when Bryan Simpson spun off of the back stretch. The top five at this time were Heintzman, Green, Egbert, Waltimire, and Old. On the restart Jarrod Jennings looped his ride in turn four, but was able to continue. The lead would change hands on the back straight, as Green was able to get around Heintzman. On lap six, Egbert would push Heintzman back another spot with a move in turn one. On lap seven, Heintzman would lose another spot to Waltimire in turn four. Old would be the next one to get by Heintzman on lap eight, moving the pole sitter back to fifth.


As the field raced under the crossed flags of half way, J. D. Schleis spun in turn four, replacing the crossed flags with the yellow one. It was Green still up front for the restart, followed by Egbert, Waltimire, Old and Heintzman. On the restart Old jumped under Waltimire on the back stretch. They raced hard wheel to wheel to turn four before Old's move paid off, moving him to third. Pat McGuire got around Heintzman for fifth. Danny Gribble wouldn't let McGuire enjoy fifth for long, as on lap eleven Gribble took that spot.


Gribble would try for the fourth spot on lap thirteen, diving under Waltimire in turn one. But Waltimire got a better run out of turn two and held on to the position. On lap fourteen, Egbert used his patented high-low move in turns one and two and got alongside Green on the back stretch. They raced side by side to turn four, where Egbert claimed the top spot. A lap later and it was Green's turn to attack on the back stretch, flying around Egbert to regain the lead. But it was all for naught, as Green went into turn three a bit to hard and spun his car to a stop, bringing out a caution, and moving him all the way to the back of the pack for the restart.


The top five for the single file restart was Egbert, Old, Waltimire, Gribble and McGuire. On the restart no positions changed in the top five. With just three laps to go, McGuire got under Gribble as they raced down the front stretch. It was a barn burning, wheel to wheel duel all the way around the track for fourth. As they came off of turn four, McGuire would take the spot. As the white flag waved, Heintzman went off of turn three, but no yellow flag was needed. Gribble spun to a stop in turn four and lost seven spots. Green worked his way from starting in fourteenth on the lap fifteen restart. But it was Egbert that got to the checkered flag first, after starting tenth. It is his seventh win of the year.


Dodge Country I. M. C. A. Modifieds


1.707 PJ Egbert

2.52 Ken Old

3.44 Allen Waltermire

4.9 Pat McGuire

5.82 Rick Green

6.00 Jason Hoffman

7.71 Glenn Derks II

8.20x Chuck Bish

9.98j Jarrod Jennings

10.247 Bill Lecompte

11.27 Danny Gribble

12.39 Paul Mullins

13.10 Scotty Heintzman


15.19 George Lamphere Jr

16.7 J.D. Schiels

17.15 Andrew Simmerman

18.8 Bryan Simpson

19.11 Wesley Hamilton



Twenty Budweiser Racing Texas Twisters hit the track next, for fifteen laps of battle. It was Keith Desmarias with the early lead. But all heck broke out on the back stretch as last place starter, Tony Medlock went sailing off the back stretch and rolled his car. As the cars were trying to get stopped for the red flag, several rear end accidents happened. The track safety crew had their hands full, with Medlock's overturned car, and the passenger riding with J. D. Hardcastle also needed attention.


After a lengthy red flag period, the racing resumed with Desmarias again getting the lead, followed by, Steven Crossley, Jessie Call, J. D. Hardcastle, sans rider, and Larry Tuerck as the top five. On lap one both Call and Tuerck, who had gotten around Hardcastle, swooped by Crossley in turn four. As the majority of the cars completed lap one, Victory Twardokus rolled to a stop on the back stretch and necessitated a yellow flag.


Joining the top five for the restart was Neil Elliot in fifth. On the restart, Tuerck got around Call in turn three for second. Mike Sadler got around Elliot for fifth in turn four. On lap four, Crossley would pull off the racing surface and out of fourth place and the race. That moved Brian Mendenhall to fifth. On lap six Chris Florio attacked Mendenhall, and took the fifth position away.


On lap eight, Florio made a move on Sadler. The battle wouldn't be decided though, as “Nasty Nate” Cullifer spun to a stop in turn four, bringing out another yellow. The top five for the restart were Desmarias, Tuerck, Call, Sadler, and Florio. On the restart Tuerck's motor sounded sour, and he plummeted down the leader board from second. That moved Myers to fifth. Mendenhall would move alongside Myers in turn two in the race for fifth. They raced door handle to door handle to the front stretch, where Mendenhall got the spot. It would turn out to be the fourth place, as on the same lap, the leader Desmarais pulled off the track, handing the lead to Call.


On lap twelve, Florio tired the high side in turn one in an effort to take second from Sadler. But the move didn't work, as Sadler got a better run out of turn two. As the white flag waved, Mendenhall went to high and off the track in turn two, and Myers spun in turn two, but neither car brought out a caution, though Myers would lose a spot to Florio. It would be Jessie Call crossing the finishing line first, for his third win of the year from the sixteenth starting spot!


By virtue of his win, Call moves just eight points behind points leader Gary White in the race to be the first ever Budweiser Racing Texas Twister champion.


Budweiser Racing Texas Twisters


1.20 Jesse Call

2.3 Mike Sadler

3.71 Chris Florio

4.88 Brian Mendenhall

5.17 Neil Elliott

6.116s Kevin Myers

7.1 Gary White

8.221 Brad Garrison

9.829 JD Hardcastle

10.11 Keith Desmarais

11.B52 Scott Crossley

12.2 Larry Tuerck

13.107.3 Nasty Nate

14.F16 Steven Crossley

15.37 James Deane

16.9 Victoria Twardokus

17.00 Chris Ware

18.7 Jared Bouchie

19.12 Aaron White

20.88x Tony Medlock



Five Cottman Transmissions Mini Stocks took to the track for a ten lap feature race. It was Julie Kelly Zwiefelhofer with the early lead, followed by Mike Autrey, little brother Travis Zwiefelhofer, PJ Egbert, and Joseph Gregoire. Autrey didn't waste much time in passing J. Zwiefelhofer on lap one on the back stretch, to take over the lead. On lap two, Egbert tried to go around T. Zwiefelhofer on the high side in turn one. They raced hard door handle to door handle to turn four, where T. Zwiefelhofer held on to third. On lap three, it was a battle of the siblings, as T. Zwiefelhofer got under his big sister in turn one. They didn't give each other an inch, and they squabbled over second place all the way to turn one on lap four, before T. Zwiefelhofer took it away from J. Zwiefelhofer.


On lap four, Egbert would dive under J. Zwiefelhofer in turn two, pushing her back to fourth. Meanwhile, T. Zwiefelhofer was hunting down the leader Autrey, and on lap five he had caught him. T. Zwiefelhofer dove under Autrey in turn one and they battled side by side all the way to the front stretch where Autrey beat back the attack. T. Zwiefelhofer wouldn't give up easily though, and he again got inside of Autrey as they raced down the back stretch. Again they battled hard side by side, until finally in turn two on lap six, T. Zwiefelhofer got the top spot. Egbert, who was right behind the fight for the lead, also got around Autrey in turn two, to move up to second.


On lap seven, Autrey and Egbert tangled in turn four, as the top three were in tight battle. Egbert spun coming off the corner and ended up just nosing his little brother's car into the front stretch wall, bringing out the yellow flag. On the restart, Autrey was moved to the rear for illegal use of the front bumper. On the restart, Egbert who restarted fourth, got around Gregoire for third in turn four. On the back stretch, he got under J. Zwiefelhofer's car and in turn four, he took over second. As the white flag waved, T. Zwiefelhofer had a large lead over Egbert, but as he came off of turn two, his car slowed with a broken throttle linkage. Egbert crossed the finish line by three car lengths ahead of J. Zwiefelhofer to win his astounding fourteenth win of the year in the class.


Despite his problems, T. Zwiefelhofer has a healthy forty-five point lead over second place Autrey. Egbert, because of his late start to the season, is in third, fifty-three behind T. Zwiefelhofer.


Cottman Transmissions Mini Stocks


1.712 PJ Egbert

2.202 Julie "Kelly" Zwiefelhofer

3.43 Joseph Gregoire

4.1 Mike Autrey

5.20 Travis Zwiefelhofer



Last, but never least, it was fourteen Corbin & Associates, Atty's I. M. C. A. Stock Cars racing for fifteen feature race laps. Don Lewis was the leader as the pack raced to the back stretch on the green flag lap. Behind Lewis was Anthony Otken, Robin Rasmussen, Jacob Dunn and Gary Norman. Otken would bobble in turn four, and Rasmussen and Dunn got around him for second and third.


In turn two, on lap one, Otken, Norman and Benji Kirkpatrick were three wide in the battle for fourth. Kirkpatrick would take over fourth, and Norman would push Otken out of the top five, to sixth. On lap two, Kirkpatrick got around Dunn for third on the back stretch. On lap three and Kirkpatrick wasn't done charging to the front, as he dove under Rasmussen in turn one on lap three. The position wasn't decided until turn three, and Kirkpatrick was one spot out of the lead.


On lap four, Norman and Dunn were side by side in the race for fourth in turn one. They diced door handle to door handle to the front stretch, but Dunn held off the challenge. Meanwhile, Kirkpatrick completed his run to the front with a pass of Lewis in turn four. Lap seven saw Eric Jones going four wide on the back stretch, diving under Norman, Dunn and Otken to beat them all to turn three, and picking up fourth.. But the daring move didn't pay off, as David Khoury spun to a stop in turn three, bringing out the yellow and reverting scoring back to the previous lap.


The restart top five were Kirkpatrick, Lewis, Rasmussen, Dunn and Norman. On the restart, Otken and Dunn touched in turn four, with Dunn spinning, but continuing with out a yellow. In the scramble to miss Dunn, Norman took over second, jumping up three spots. The top five as they started lap nine were Kirkpatrick, Norman, Lewis, Otken, and Jones. On the same lap, Jones and Otken would get around Lewis on the back stretch, and Otken would spin in turn four, but no yellow was needed.


Otken's spin again shuffled the top five, and as they came to lap ten, it was still Kirkpatrick in the lead, Norman in second, Jones, Ron Simpson, and Lewis rounding out top five. The racing was hot and heavy all around the track for the remaining laps, Though there were many tries, no one could pick up a position among the top five for the remaining laps. Kirkpatrick would go on to win his eighth race of the year from his ninth starting positions.


Corbin & Associates, Atty's I. M. C. A. Stock Cars


1.47 Benji Kirkpatrick

2.09 Gary "Storming" Norman

3.84x Eric Jones

4.44 Ron Simpson

5.51 Donald Lewis

6.3 Robin Rasmussen

7.93 Jacob Dunn

8.43 Jessie James Cox Jr

9.86 Wayne Neff

10.20c Chris Lanham

11.79x Anthony Otken

12.73k David Khoury

13.318 Scott Bowles

14.23 Shad Stevens



Join us next week as All American Signs present another exciting night of stock car racing! As a special treat, it we will present the Payton's Powder Puff for the I-Stock and Street Stocks. The powder puff derbies are always some of the most entertaining races of the year.


Gates open at 6:00 PM and racing starts at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $10 for Adults, $3 for kids 6-12 and kids under 6 are free. Season passes are available as well.


New for fans this year is the ability to purchase their tickets online with a credit card. Just go to the Texas Thunder Speedway web site, and click on the “Buy and Print Tickets” button. Also you can use your Visa or Master Card in the tracks souvenir and concession stands.


For all track information, weather, directions, and to purchase your tickets, go to http://www.texasthunder.com.


Texas Thunder Speedway is a 1/4 mile semi-banked oval dirt track. Races Every Saturday Night March through September! With Seven SUPER EXCITING classes of cars to entertain the entire family.


Featured classes include; Dodge Country IMCA Modifieds, Corbin & Associates, Attys IMCA Stock Cars, Hertz IMCA SportMods, Kwik Kar Oil & Lube Street Stocks, Cottman Transmissions Mini Stocks, Jr Mini Stocks & Budweiser Racing Texas Twisters. Special Events designed especially for the kids as well as Powder Puff Races, Pit Crew Tire Contest and our all time crowd pleaser, the Demolition Derby.


Come join the fun, at Texas Thunder Speedway


Bill "Sarge" Masom

Texas Thunder Speedway PR/Media

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