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USRA & SAS NASCAR Late Model qualfying report

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Magnum Trailers 50 qualifying


In USRA Truck qualifying, the two co-points leaders were also first and second in the time sheets. Craig Roper came out with the best time of the afternoon, turning a 20.771 in the CCC Group Inc., Bradfords Transmission, Brians Tire, ARTS Chassis powered by a GM Crate motor.


"It was a handful out there," Said Roper. "The track's real greasy. Everytime you try to get back on the gas, the back end wants to jump out on you. It wasn't too bad though. The second lap was better. You just have to work your tail off in this heat to get a good lap in. It's just working for us right now."

"We just hope for a clean start. If we have to start behind some guys, we'll just have to work our way through. Then get out front and go. We don't do anything special. We're just able turn down under people. You have to have the truck work high and low. You can turn fast time in a certain lane, but to pass people and be fast, you have to do it all over the track."




Texasspeedzone.com 50 qualifying



A new face found his way to the top of the speed chart in USRA Modified qualifying. Newton Barta was the best of the 15 USRA Modifieds with a lap of 19.347 driving the 3-D Landscaping, Keylich Irrigation, Oval Componants, Dodson House Moving, CPU Repair, Rain Irrigation, HOT Chassis with a Longs Race Engine.

"It was a pretty fast lap," replied Barta a former NASCAR Modified co-champion. “Bobby Black, my chassis guy has the car turning real good. In practice we ran some .50's, but all we did was change some stagger. It was a little tight in the center, other than that the car was really good."

"I've run at this track a long time. We have a pretty basic set-up package we use all the time. It seems to work well for us. Every now and then, we'll stray from that, but usually go back to the basics. I'm happy with where the car is right now."




NASCAR Late Model practice saw current points leader, Joe Aramendia blow up a motor leaving several large holes in the oil pan. Aramendia quickly jumped in the car of nephew, Brian Moczygemba to turn a few laps while the crew scrambled to get the spare motor out. In qualifying it was defending track champion, Robert Barker the fastest with a 19.26.


"We've got the car handling quite a bit better," stated Barker who is fresh off a win and picking up the bounty bonus put on Aramendia. "We went back to Mission Auto Parts and got some more horsepower. That's helped us quite a bit. Things are looking pretty good right now. Hopefully we'll stay on the right track and the car keeps working."

"Anytime your in the points chase, you try to get ahead in the race as much as possible," added Barker regarding Aramendia going to a back up motor and having to start scratch. "With someone like Joe, you know he's got the best equipment and the spare motor should make plenty of power. I look for him to come to the front. The bigger the lead I can build the better chance I have of winning."

"We hope to win a few more this season and make the points closer. However it comes out, is the way it comes out."

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