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SAS local classes recaps 7/29/06

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NASCAR Late Model practice saw current points leader, Joe Aramendia blow up a motor leaving several large holes in the oil pan. Aramendia quickly jumped in the car of nephew Brian Moczygemba to turn a few laps while the crew scrambled to get the spare motor out. In qualifying it was defending track champion, Robert Barker the fastest with a 19.26.


"We've got the car handling quite a bit better," stated Barker who is fresh off a win and picking up the bounty bonus put on Aramendia. "We went back to Mission Auto Parts and got some more horsepower. That's helped us quite a bit. Things are looking pretty good right now. Hopefully we'll stay on the right track and the car keeps working."

"Anytime your in the points chase, you try to get ahead as much as possible," added Barker regarding Aramendia going to a back up motor and having to start scratch. "With someone like Joe, you know he's got the best equipment and the spare motor should make plenty of power. I look for him to come to the front. The bigger the lead I can build the better chance I have of winning."

"We hope to win a few more this season and make the points closer. However it comes out, is the way it comes."


Barker Best in Late Model Bash


Defending NASCAR Late Model Track Champion, Robert Barker found his way to victory lane once again as he got out front early, built a huge lead, then cruised on to the win. Barker, fresh off his win that ended Joe Aramendia’s long win streak, continues to gain momentum as the race season winds down.


As the green waved on the 40 lap NASCAR Late Model feature, former track champion, Larry Bendele jumped out front. As the field rocketed down the back stretch Donald Pogue, David Barker and Joe Aramendia were almost three wide going into turn 3 with unpleasant results. D. Barker and Pogue made contact sending both in the wall and bringing out the red flag. Neither driver injured, but both were done for the night.


On the next start, Brian Moczygemba got a good jump, in fact too good as yellow waved for a third try. This time Bendele beat Moczygemba into turn 1 with R. Barker third. Aramendia, who was forced to start scratch, picked off Frank Johnson on lap 1 for seventh as Moczygemba slowed and pulled to the pits from second.


Bendele had an eight car length lead over R. Barker, who being challenged by Jamie Fuller for second on lap 3. In the back, Aramendia continued his charge getting by another former track champion, Donny Horelka for fifth on lap 4, then Todd Farris for fourth on lap 6.


Up front, R. Barker was tracking down the leader, Bendele, literally and figuratively as he cut into Bendele’s lead. Barker ducked inside Bendele on lap 10 on the front stretch and had the point going into turn 1. R. Barker then methodically began to ease away, while Aramendia reeled in Fuller and Bendele.


As the three ran nose to tail, Aramendia began to look inside Fuller for third on lap 14. Barker continued to motor away from that battle getting out to a second and a half lead on lap 15. Aramendia was still putting the heat on Fuller getting the nose inside on lap 17, but unable to complete the pass.


As the crossed flags were shown it was R. Barker by over three seconds on Bendele, Fuller and Aramendia still running bumper to bumper, while Farris held fifth. Fuller and Aramendia made slight contact in turn 1, with Aramendia finally able to get by Fuller in turn 2 for third. Horelka caught and passed Farris for a top five spot on lap 23.


Aramendia turned his focus to Bendele as the two veterans scrambled for second. Aramendia picked up the spot on lap 24, but was nearly four seconds behind leader, R. Barker. As the top four separated out, R. Barker’s lead stabilized at around three and half seconds. Barker was able to hang on to that advantage as he took the checkers with a huge lead in the Mission Auto Parts, Oval Components, Carrol Racing, South Bay, C&D Precision Paint & Body, Mike Plumbing, Cambridge Auto Center, Oval Components Chassis, Chevy Monte Carlo.


“It was a little easier starting up front and Joe(Aramendia) in the back.” said Barker. “I was able to around those cars early, get a big lead and there were no cautions. By the time Joe got by everybody, I had a pretty good lead and didn’t have to drive too hard. Just kept a consistent lap and with no yellows, Joe wasn’t able to make up any ground.”

“I couldn’t see him in mirror, the spotter would tell me if Joe was gaining on me Every once in a while he’d give me his lap times and mine, tell me to stay smooth and consistent. So I just kept driving hard and hoped for no cautions to come out. Fortunately they didn’t. Lap time-wise we were pretty close and the cars were pretty even.”

“At first I just hoped everyone was OK,” Barker added regarding his brother David’s crash at the start. “It was a pretty hard lick he took back there. Then you survey the damage to see what you have to fix. It takes time and money, but we’ll get it back out. Don’t know how soon, but hopefully by Oktober’Fast’ it will be ready. It was supposed to be our primary car. We’ll see. We are trying something a little different with Ford power to see if they make more horsepower than the Chevy’s. We’re just trying to keep up with Joe on horsepower.”

“I’m always looking to move,” stated Barker on his future plans. “All it takes is money. Right now we’re pretty deep with the Late Models. If the right sponsorship comes along, we’ll see.”



NASCAR Late Model Feature

1. (17) Robert Barker, Boerne, 40 Laps

2. (79) Joe Aramendia, Sequin, 40

3. (23) Larry Bendele, Adkins, 40

4. (43) Jamie Fuller, San Antonio, 40

5. (41) Donny Horelka, Jourdanton, 40

6. (96) Todd Farris, College Station, 40

7. (11) Frank Johnson, China Grove, 26

8. (50) Brian Moczygemba, San Antonio, 1

9. (16) Donald Pogue, Jourdanton, 0

10. (171) David Barker IV, Boerne, 0

Lap Leaders: (23) Bendele led 1 - 10, (17) R. Barker led 11 - 40


The 30 lap Sportsman feature saw teammates Jamie Evans and Tater Mason on the front row of the 11-car field. The two stayed door to door for the entire first lap with Mason leading by inches on lap 1. Mason finally secured the spot on lap 2, with Evans falling into the clutches of Eric Knudtson for second. Knudtson took over the spot on lap three as they raced down the back stretch. Mark Mathias followed suit getting third from Evans on lap 4.


The top three, running nose to tail, then began distance themselves from Evans, Keith Garrett and Chad Menard. That battle came to a head when Garrett and Menard made contact in turn 1 sending Garrett spinning in turn 2, while Menard spun and brushed the wall out of turn 2. As green waved, Knudtson challenged Mason for the point, but Mason held steady.


Mathias closed back in the lead duet but then just as quickly fell back with problems forcing him to pit on lap 10 putting the current points leader on the trailer for the night. Knudtson looked high on Mason out of turn 2 on lap 12, but again fell back in the groove. As halfway the top five were Mason, Knudtson, Evans, Tom Casey and Craig Crawley.


Knudtson was giving Mason a rap on the bumper as the duo scrapped for the position with ten to go. Knudtson then tried low on lap 23 as they raced into turn 1. Again Knudtson was forced to fall back behind Mason who was running the ideal groove. Despite battling between the two, both were able to put a gap the fight for third between Evans, Casey and Crawley. As the white waved it was still anyone’s race, but as the checkers flew it was Mason taking the hard earned win.




Sportsman Feature

1. (12) Tater Mason, San Antonio, 30 laps

2. (27) Eric Knudtson, Boerne, 30

3. (29) Jamie Evans, Cuero, 30

4. (15) Tommy Casey, San Antonio, 30

5. (6) Craig Crawley, San Antonio, 30

6. (93) Aaron Leddy, Von Ormy, 30

7. (31) Keith Garrett, New Braunfels, 27

8. (4) Billy Burkett, San Antonio, 14

9. (20) Mark Mathias, San Antonio, 10

10. (5) Chad Menard, Castroville, 6

11. (92) Jason Stanley, San Antonio, 6


Lap Leaders: (12) Mason led 1 - 30





The eleven car Road Runner feature saw Leland Frautschi get the jump on Flores and quickly pull away by nearly a half straightaway. But Brendan O'Leary spun in turn 1 to bring out the yellow. On the restart, Frautschi again got a gib jump with Flores, Paul Lipp, J R Eichelberger and Mona Turner battling for second. Lipp got past Flores for second when O'Leary spun again on lap 3.


Once back to green, Lipp hung with Frautschi as they both pulled away from the field. Lap 9 saw pound the wall in turn 2 to bring out the caution. Again it was Frautschi and Lipp pulling away as green waved again. In the second pack, Eichelberger was challenging Flores for third on lap 13, but was unable to get by.


Frautschi got a little loose as he negotiated by a slower car giving Lipp the chance to close to his bumper. With five to go, Frautschi had eased away to a couple car lengths with a big gap back to Flores and Eichelberger in third and fourth. As the white waved, Lipp was back on Frautschi's bumper but not close enough to give him a run to the checkers.


In post-race tech, Frautschi and Flores were both found to be underweight handing the win to Lipp.


Road Runner Feature

1. (83) Paul Lipp, San Antonio, 25 Laps

2. (42) JR Eichelberger III, San Antonio, 25

3. (19) Mona Turner, Moore, 25

4. (58) Larry Reeves, San Antonio, 23

5. (5) Gary May, Natalia, 16

6. (00) Chris Foster, San Antonio, 9

7. (3) Mark Shear, San Antonio, 6

8. (92) Steven Stanley, San Antonio, 3

9. (55) Brendan O'Leary, Adkins, 3

DQ'ed (21) Leland Frautschi, Von Ormy, 40lbs light, Would have finished 1st

DQ'ed (66) Leonard Flores III, San Antonio, 50 lbs light, Would have finished 3rd


Lap Leaders: (21) Frautschi led 1 - 25



In the Grand Stock feature, Jody Wayne Stuart showed once again he has the car to beat in the class as he bested the six-car field. Steve Dalrymple got out front early while Stuart and Missy Jones battled for second. spun on lap 1 to bring out a quick yellow and put Stuart back behind Jones.


It didn't take Stuart long to retake second and track down Dalrymple for the lead. Stuart followed in his tire tracks lap after lap until just past halfway. Stuart decided on lap 12 that it was time to go and ducked inside Dalrymple in turns 3-4. Stuart then motored away to yet another feature win, his sixth of the season.


Grand Stock Feature

1. (12) Jody Wayne Stuart, San Antonio, 20 Laps

2. (48) Steve Dalrymple, San Antonio, 20

3. (11) Missy Jones, San Antonio, 20

4. (4) Nathan Sloan, San Antonio, 19

5. (77) Jamie Drapper, San Antonio, 11

6. (1) Bobby Evans, Devine, 1


Lap Leaders: (48) Dalrymple led 1 - 12, (12) Stuart led 13 - 20

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