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Heart of Texas Raceway


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The makers and shakers of racing in Texas need to go to Heart of Texas some night and see how racin ought to be!!!

Friday night they had their annual 4th of July Show...$10.00 for Adult admission.

Three adults and my 7 year old grandaughter for a total of $32.00

They ran 10 classes of cars + GIANT fireworks display during intermission

They had over 150 cars and had two B Mains!!!

Next race was on the track as the last one exited.

If a car spun out and was off the surface they leave out the green with a blinking yellow caution for a lap or so to see if they can get going!!

Restrooms were spotless...all night!!!

Concessions prices were low and food quality was excellent!!!

Place was PACKED!!!

Any racer who didnt agree with a call was sent to the pits to pack it in.

If they got out of their car on track they were sent home for three weeks to think it over!!!

They even let fans bring in their own fireworks after the races and let them light them off in the enfield for an hour after the races!!!

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HOT always puts on a good show, that's why I don't mind traveling 3 1/2 hours to get there. The Adamcik's treat me like one of the family whenever I get the chance to make it back.


Hey Buddy, if you're going to pick a night to go there, July 21st is the ASCS Sprint cars. :) I'm working on my plans for a "parts run" to the Clayton factory in Waco that Friday. LOL

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