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Update on Donnie Yocum


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Yesterday Dad had his surgery to repair his coratic ateries. He went in at 3:10 pm and came out about 3 hours later. He stated that he could feel immediate relief and lots better. He will be in ICU today and probably go to a regular room for Sunday and should be released on Monday.

Thank you all once again for all your prayers and support.


God Bless and have a safe holiday weekend.

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;) Yee Haa Donnie :P ,


:rolleyes: Glad to hear that everything went so well for your dad. My dad had quadruple bypass back on Sept 11th 2002 (of all days) and he says he feels like a new man after that. Of course he's 78, and it really gave him a boost of energy. I guess I really know what you dads going through after the surgery. Tell him to keep his bear close and don't try to lift anything. :rolleyes:


:P I'll be back in Corpus Christi for my 2 weeks of R & R starting on the 15th and look forward to seeing all guys at the track on the 22nd. :P


:ph34r: Dennis in the Desert (IRAQ) :ph34r:

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