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TSRS "re-ups" for Operation Interdependence

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Texas Super Racing Series Drivers And Fans Re-enlist For "Tribute To

America's Finest - Operation Interdependence® 75"


By: Pat Mayberry


This Sunday, July 2nd, the Texas Super Racing Series and their fans will

re-enlist with Operation Interdependence® to assist American military

service personnel stationed around the world. Operation Interdependence® is

a Civilian-to-military delivery system® that serves as a program for

Americans to demonstrate their support for our deployed military. The

Austin Operation

Interdependence® shipping center opened for operation on March 19, 2005 and

is shipping over 1,000 C-Rats® (Civilian Rations) every month to our brave

men and women on the front lines around the world.


Everyone attending is asked to bring items to be sent to our troops. Some

suggested items are beef jerky, books, camper style foods, candy, Chapstick,

cookies, dental floss, disposable cameras, facial tissues, hot sauce packets

from fast food restaurants, flashlights, gum, magazines, moist wipes, music

CDs, small Nerf Toys, Odor Eaters for boots, pencils, pens, phone cards,

playing cards, postage, powdered drink mixes that are non alcoholic, razors,

sardines, stationary, snacks, tea bags, toiletries, toothbrushes, travel

games, travel mugs, tuna snack kits or Vienna sausages. Please note that

all food items must be manufactured sealed.


Those attending are also encouraged to write a personal note of support to

these soldiers to be enclosed with the C-Rats®. "The soldiers really enjoy

hearing about what their supporters are involved in and racing is a

particular favorite for so many of them," said Nina Gayheart with Operation

Interdependence® Austin office.


Between 15:30-15:45 hours (3:30 - 3:45 PM) Sunday afternoon, all race

preparation for the "Tribute to America's Finest - Operation

Interdependence® 75" will stop for 15 minutes while the Texas Super Racing

Series drivers, crews and staff will be packing boxes of C-Rats® for the

troops. Then during intermission before the start of the "Tribute To

America's Finest - Operation Interdependence® 75", fans attending will be

able to show their support by packing more C-Rats® during the "15 Minutes of

Giving" event.


For more information on this event, please visit the Operation

Interdependence® website at http://www.oidelivers.com to see how OI® assists

the public in their support efforts through partnerships such as the one

with the Texas Super Racing Series and Thunder Hill Raceway. To contact

Nina Gayheart about setting up an event please call at Austin OI® (512)

619-5637 or ngayheart@oidelivers.org. Tax deductible donations for our

troops can also be sent to: Operation Interdependence® Inc., 9706 Slaughter

Creek Storage, Austin, TX, 78748


Tickets for the "Tribute to America's Finest - Operation Interdependence 75"

are on sale now. Please visit the Thunder Hill Raceway website,

www.thunderhillraceway or call the box office at (512) 262-1352. Thunder

Hill Raceway is located just south of Austin at 24801 IH 35 in Kyle, Texas.

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