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San Antonio Speedway (Local classes) 6/24/06

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Aramendia Fends Off Bounty Hunters Again for NASCAR Late Model Victory


Danny Garcia, in the Wally Garcia Construction, Oval Componants, C&C Signs & Graphics, CPU Repair, Lefthander Chassis, Longs Racing Engines was once again quickest of the NASCAR Late Model contingency with a 19.13. Former track champion, Robert Barker timed in second, with the man with a bounty on his head, Joe Aramendia third fastest.


It was youth and exuberance(Jason Oates) versus old age and treachery(Joe Aramendia) on the front row of the 40 lap NASCAR Late Model main event. Oates jumped out front on the initial start, with Mike Reininger spinning on the back stretch. On the second try Oates again jumped into the lead looking to pocket the $800 bounty money. Jamie Fuller took a look on Aramendia but was unable to get by. By lap 5, Oates and Aramendia were creeping away from Fuller, Danny Garcia and Robert Barker.


Barker then put the heat on Garcia, while Aramendia closed in on Oates. Aramendia got inside Oates on lap 10, but Oates held steady until lap 13. Oates got sideways coming out turn 4 with Aramendia taking advantage of the youngsters mistake and snagging the lead on lap 14. In the pack, past champion Larry Bendele was taking sixth from Mark Ackerman on lap 18. Just as Bendele got by, he expired the motor in a cloud of smoke and rolled to a stop in the infield grass.


Once back to green the race came to the crossed flags with Aramendia, Oates, Fuller, Garcia and Barker in the top five. Aramendia almost gave the lead back when he went too high in turns 1-2. Oates tried to get back out front, but couldn’t while Barker was getting by Garcia for fourth. Garcia and Ackerman then made contact with Garcia spinning out of turn 4.



On the restart, Barker Looked under Fuller for third as the top five separated them selves from the rest of the field. Aramendia then began to open up a gap on Oates, while Barker continued to pressure Fuller for third. Barker finally made the pass on lap 41. Ackerman, who looked to have broken a panard bar, brought out the yellow on lap 43 when he spun and tagged the wall between turns 3-4.


On the restart, Oates tried to hang with Aramendia, but Aramendia slowly inched away from both Oates and Barker. When the white waved, Aramendia held over a half second advantage and easily took the victory in the Aramendia Plumbing, Southwest Paint & Body, Royal Purple, Premier Minerals, Tex Racing Transmissions, Port City Chassis powered by a Lozano Brothers Racing Engine.


NASCAR Late Model Feature results

1. (79) Joe Aramendia, Sequin, 40 Laps

2. (0) Justin Oates, La Vernia, 40

3. (17) Robert Barker, Boerne, 40

4. (43) Jamie Fuller, San Antonio, 40

5. (41) Donny Horelka, Jourdanton, 40

6. (50) Brian Moczygemba, San Antonio, 40

7. (11) Frank Johnson, China Grove, 40

8. (16) Donald Pogue, Jourdanton, 40

9. (97) Danny Garcia, San Antonio, 39

10. (37) Mark Ackerman, San Antonio, 27

11. (69) Gary Harvey, Marion, 26

12. (23) Larry Bendele, Adkins, 19

13. (3) Mike Reininger, San Antonio, 0

Lap Leaders: (0) Oates led 1 - 13, (79) Aramendia led 14 - 40





Fourteen cars took the green for start of the 25 lap NASCAR Sportsman feature led to green by Craig Crawley and Robert Mayberry. Crawley got out front on the back stretch to lead 1. As the field barreled into turn 1, Robert Montanio had the throttle hang and drilled the turn 1 wall nearly head-on. The car climbed the boiler plate onto the drivers side and slid from turn 1 to the bottom of turn 2 before coming to a stop. Montanio was able to climb out under his own

power uninjured.


Crawley, Mayberry and Keith Garrett got away on green while birthday boy, Tater Mason, Jamie Fuller and the pack followed. Eric Knudtson tried to get under Jamie Fuller on lap 2 in a fight for fourth. Mark Mathias jumped to the high side and got along side Knudtson briefly on the back stretch. Mayberry and Garrett both got past Crawley on lap 4 when he slowed dramatically on the back stretch.


With Crawley still fading, Mathias got by Fuller for fourth on lap 5. Crawley and Garrett continued to pull away with Mason and Mathias side by side for third, while Fuller, Allen Alexander and Knudtson battled for fifth. Yellow waved on lap 10 when Billy Burkett slowed in front of the field with a flat.


Once back to green, Fuller, Alexander, Knudtson and Mathias scrambled for third going nearly three wide into turn 1 as they went by Mason. At halfway the top five were Mayberry, Garrett, Mathias, Alexander and Knudtson with Mayberry holding car length advantage over Garrett. Garrett would close on Mayberry in the corners, but Mayberry would motor off on the straights.


Despite having their own bumper tag battle, Alexander and Knudtson were able to close in on Mathias for third. Alexander took the spot on lap 21 in turns 3-4, but Mathias and Knudtson rubbed doors on the front stretch before finally making the pass. Mayberry stretched the margin to two car lengths on Garrett with two to go, but Garrett made one last run as the white waved. At the checkers it was Mayberry taking the win by a car length.


Sportsman Feature results

1. (21) Robert Mayberry, San Antonio, 25 Laps

2. (31) Keith Garrett, New Braunfels, 25

3. (80) Allen Alexander, San Antonio, 25

4. (27) Eric Knudtson, Boerne, 25

5. (20) Mark Mathias, San Antonio, 25

6. (12) Tater Mason, San Antonio, 25

7. (29) Jamie Evans, Cuero, 25

8. (93) Jamie Fuller, San Antonio, 25

9. (6) Craig Crawley, San Antonio, 22

10. (92) Jason Stanley, San Antonio, 21

11. (4) Billy Burkett, San Antonio, 9

12. (50) Billy Roebuck, San Antonio, 8

13. (15) Tommy Casey, San Antonio, 2

14. (09) Clint Montanio, Cibolo, 1

Lap Leaders: (6) Crawley led 1 - 4, (21) Mayberry led 5 - 25


Road Runner

Daniel Pierce and Brendan O’Leary held the front row at the beginning of the 13-car, 20 lap Road Runner feature. It was Paul Lipp coming out of row two taking the lead on lap 1 going down the back stretch. Lipp, Leland Frautschi and George Reyes had just started to break away when yellow waved for debris. Once back to green, it was Frautschi and Reyes door to door for second when the was back on lap 4 for a spin by Steven Stanley.


Reyes got the advantage on Frautschi on the next restart to grab second, with Leonard Flores and Richard Curtis side by side for fourth. Flores took the spot with J R Eichelberger III getting by Curtis for fifth. Reyes got along side Lipp on lap 5 and was able to grab the point on lap 6. O’Leary brought out the caution on lap 7 when he spun in turns 3-4. Under yellow, Frautschi pitted giving up third.


Reyes was pulling away from Lipp and Eichelberger at the mid point, who had big gaps to Curtis and Flores. Eichelberger then began to challenge Lipp for second and get past coming out of turn 4 on lap 11. Reyes lost his lead on lap 14 when Royce Hawkins spun in turn 1. During the caution both Lipp and Flores pitted from the top five.


Reyes and Eichelberger took off on the restart to settle the score among themselves. With two laps to go the lead duo came up on a lap car in turns 1-2. Reyes took the low road and got by Larry Reeves, but Eichelberger tried the high side and got squeezed into the wall in turn 2. As Eichelberger slid down the back stretch he was then rear-ended by Pierce. Both drivers were uninjured. Reyes easily got away for the green, white, checkered finish and the win.

Road Runner Feature results

1. (00) George Reyes, San Antonio, 20 Laps

2. (18) Richard Curtis, Devine, 20

3. (55) Brendan O'Leary, Adkins, 20

4. (68) Royce Hawkins, Lytle, 20

5. (58) Larry Reeves, San Antonio, 19

6. (1) JR Eichelberger III, San Antonio, 18

7. (29) Daniel Pierce, Bandera, 18

8. (3) Mark Shear, San Antonio, 18

9. (83) Paul Lipp, San Antonio, 14

10. (66) Leonard Flores III, San Antonio, 14

11. (92) Steven Stanley, San Antonio, 10

12. (21) Leland Frautschi, Von Ormy, 7

13. (81) Jay Mrazek, San Antonio, 7

Lap Leaders: (83) Lipp led 1 - 5, (00) Reyes led 6 - 20





Grand Stock


Missy Jones and Bobby Evans led the 5-car Grand Stock feature to green with Jones jumping out front. Jody Wayne Stuart slowly worked hisc way up from the tail and caught Jones on lap 4 for the lead. Jones and Stuart ran side by side for lead on lap 6 allowing Evans to close in them both. Stuart was able to get by Jones on lap 9 coming out of turn 2 for the lead.

Jones fought back and ducked under Stuart to get the lead back on lap 10.


Shane O'Leary brought out the yellow on lap with a spin, just as Stuart had gotten into the lead again. On the restart, Stuart tried high for the lead and got around for the top spot again on lap 12. Jones attempted to battle back but spun after losing the tread off a tire. Evans took one shot on the restart, but Stuart was able to run away in the final laps for the victory.


Grand Stock Feature results

1. (12) Jody Wayne Stuart, San Antonio, 15 Laps

2. (77) Bennie Draper, San Antonio, 15

3. (1) Bobby Evans, Moore, 15 NOTE: Penalized one position for jumping lap 12 restart

4. (4) Shane O'Leary, San Antonio, 15

5. (11) Missy Jones, San Antonio, 12

Lap Leaders: (11) Jones led 1 - 8, (12) Stuart led 9 - 10, (11) Jones led 11, (12) Stuart led 12 - 15

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