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Aramendia Feature Story on KABB Tonight


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Be sure to tune in to KABB (Fox-29) tonight for a feature story on Joe Aramendia's dominance in the NASCAR Late Model class at San Antonio Speedway. Joe claimed his 7th victory of the 2006 season last night.


The story is scheduled to air at 9:30 p.m. tonight. I just talked with the sports reporter, and she said that the story will run for approximately 2-1/2 minutes.


Drea (KABB reporter) was very excited about SAS, and she's planning to return in a couple of weeks to do another story. The media in SA is slowly coming around. With our great car count last night, I'm also excited about the many opportunities we can present to the media for future stories.

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I thought Drea did an excellent job of covering Joe's story. And Joe did really well too!


Maybe you (or anyone else who saw the report) can drop her a line to let her know about how much we appreciated her taking the time to come out to SAS. The reporter's name is Drea Avent, and her e-mail address is aventdrea@yahoo.com.


Our hits were high on the SAS website following the story, so hopefully we'll gain some new fans from it.



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