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old days at cc


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About the earliest thing I can remember from CC was the mud drags where the current pits are. Other memorable moments include CCPD chasing someone all over the parking lot and up and down Flato Rd, while then police chief Henry Garrett was being interviewed on the frontstraight for a celebrity race. The cops caught their suspect when suspect missed the train he was trying to hop on by the HEB wearhouse on Agnes lol. I remember Larry Smith and Donny Yoacum getting their cars stuck on the wall, Donny between 1 and 2 and Smith between 3 and 4 and I beleive it was RH Ashley that went through the backstraight wall coming out of two. Lots and lots of memories of that place.

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On 9/20/2020 at 10:11 PM, dragracerkma said:

I saw go-carts and motorcycles maybe twice each and several fans crash their street cars during intermission when they did real street cars 1 lap races

FRANK WAS SITTING at tipps when a few of us brought up motorcycle racing  more than once  ..we were talking infield  flat track style  but he decided why not on the track to get more fans out ... rick patterson  said heck yes ... i think the insurance stepped in after a few crashes ..i know rick had a  few  raw areas when his bultaco 250 froze up hauling the mail  before turn three ... and two others i think were on 360   yamaha;s  crashed in turn one .. didnt get hurt but could have and that ended it ..the spectator racing was fun to watch .. after the young man crashed his demon  . duster or dart cant remember which one it was and got hurt . that ended that .. i think the driver had a epilepsy fit  before the crash .i wasn't there that night ./ . the ford pickup was fast .the el camino was fast . the cop hit the wall in his trans am .. 

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There is no doubt Frank did a hell of a job keeping us entertained........ if my memory serves me right there were several stunt men over the years only one that comes to me now was the the car trying to crash thru big block of ice???Don't think it worked out the way he wanted

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