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An amusing note from a SAS Grand Stock Driver


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I received a rather amusing note from one of the SAS Grand Stock drivers . . . thought it was worth sharing his sense of humor:




Sounds like a great night of racing wish I could be there. Unfortunately the #68 caddi had a significant emotional event at Kyle raceway June 3rd. It will go into major surgery Sat. 17 Jun for an engine transplant. The donor car has been in surgery all week. It was a demo car from Kyle and needed a lot of blades and anesthesia. But I think its ready to give it up now....


Please keep it in your prayers. I hope to see you guys before I leave for my all expense paid vacation across the ocean in Oct. Good luck Sat and God Bless America and NASCAR.


Mike Farish

#68 Grand Stock


From what I remember from my conversation with Mike, he's headed back to Iraq later this year. God bless Mike and the rest of our troops.

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Guest bigfat

Our oil filters and valve covers are with you and your Caddi Mike. Tell Caddi to hang in there. Must have been from all of that smoke off the right front. it's so hard to quit something your addicted to though.


Thanks for representing the USA. We appreciate it.

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Here's the update I received from Mike:


Dear debbie, I am sorry to inform you that the donor motor was rejected by the caddie friday night in the garage while its timing was being set.It was a awful rejection smoke, knocking and the gnashing of small pieces of metal. Although another donor has been located and acquired it might be sometime before the surgeon gets time to do the transplant.The army for some reason doesn't believe this is reason for Emergecy Leave (THE NERVE OF THEM) anyway will try and make the next race possible.




#68 Grand stock


Again, you've got to admire Mike's sense of humor.

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