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Chevy 2000 1 ton


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I drive a 2000 1 ton chevy w/ABS


Yesterday, the power steering sprung a big leak.

Made lots of noise of course, but I'm confused about something.

At the same time.....everytime I hit the brakes the noise got worse.

Within a few minutes I had NO front brake.

I added p/s fluid and the noise went away for a few minutes...then leaked out and it came back.

Today the noise is gone....no power steering/no front brake.

I'm pretty sure the P/S pump is burnt now, so I'm fixing the leak and maybe replacing the pump today.

But what the heck happened to the Brakes!?!?!?!

Am I missing something??

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Not an unusual system on 1 ton or larger vehicles, since the vacuum may be "iffy" on such due to heavy loads, some form of hydraulic assist is used. On a '76 1-ton GMC van (class C motorhome) I had, it was driven off engine oil. I would not be surprised if yours wasn't driven off the power steering pump..

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