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Casey 2nd at Mobile


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Charlie Bradberry won again... That dude is "B-A-D" BAD. He's impressive to watch.

Casey Smith was 2nd with Jeff Schoenfeld(sp?) behind him in 3rd


They were disassembling Bradberrys car in tech afterwards.. Almost as if they wanted to DQ him by nailing him on something as minor as his numbers being a .001" too short... I got bored waiting so I left. Didn't look like they were going to find anything anyway... 5 Flags would have caught it... right?

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Congratulations once again to Charlie Bradberry on a big win at Mobile Int. Speedway. This guy is absolutley awesome in a Super Late Model...........................You can bet if Bradberry was not legal Ricky Brooks would catch it. From what I hear there is very little that gets by Ricky Brooks. This is why the car count has picked up like it has at Mobile this year.

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The track just posted this as official top 10.... so I assume he passed tech.


1- Charlie Bradberry

2- Casey Smith

3- Jeff Scofield

4-Dave Mader III

5- Dale Little

6- Grant Enfinger

7-Nathan Davis

8- William Wambles

9- Brandan Sager

10- Richard Fincher

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Way to go, Casey...


Can't wait to have you in-studio next week for the MZone Show so we can talk about it..

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Great job Casey on both races. The other Texans did well also. At Five Flags Matt Merrell got caught up in a wreck, Donnie Wilson(OK) got spun on the front stretch and had too much damage to continue. Chris Davidson ran a great race and finished 7th, Gary Buchanan had a pretty good run going also, but got bumped and had an accident. Jason Young had a solid start, but I don't know what happened to him, he went in and parked it.


Super Late Models

Full Throttle 100 (Blizzard Series #2)


1. Charlie Bradberry

2 . Joey Senter

3 . Casey Smith(Started about 11)

4 . Junior Niedecken

5 . Donald Long

6 . Dave Mader III

7 . Chris Davidson(Started about 20)

8 . Wes Loyd

9. Josh Hamner

10. Kevin Perry

11. Shaun McWhirter

12. Eddie Craig

13. Ron McDonald

14. Jeremy Pate

15. Gary Buchanan(Started about 24)

16. Grant Enfinger

17. Jeff Scofield

18. Jason Young(Started about 19)

19. Donnie Wilson(Started 3)

20. David Hole

21. Stanley Smith

22. Augie Grill

23. Rocky Boyd

24. Doug Thorpe

25. Dwayne Buggay

26. Tim Martin

27. Roger Reuse

28. Steven Davis

29. Matt Merrell(Started about 23)

DQ Scott Carlson


At Mobile International Speedway, nice fast track. Don't know the full results, they were lined up by qualifying time and Jason Young started 2nd, Greg Davidson 3rd, and Casey Smith 5th, forgot where Chris Davidson started. I'm not sure what happened to Jason Young, but he caught Bradberry and gave a few peeks inside, but got loose and spun. He went to the back and made up several positions, but don't why he didn't finish. Greg and Chris had handling and mechanical issues, didn't finish the race. Some lapped cars slowed up Casey there at the end. Nice little trip to support our Texans.

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