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Thank God Saturday is here

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Can't tell you the all results Dessert Cop, but I can say that it was a WRECK FEST.

Had a nasty wreck on the front stretch with the street stocks. Flying and spinning through the air. Body panels Flailing around. Then we had a little bit of retaliation(not related to that wreck).


Purestocks were looking O.K. untill the car in front of me DROVE-OVER the car in front of HIM.

I managed to miss the wreck, but I didn't miss the tire that came off one of them. Crushed my Exhaust had to pull it off the track. Also purestocks had to pull Heads last night and there was a DQ.(details not necessary)

#88 left with the WIN


Limited mods were pretty much un-eventful.

I believe the #68 car one that race.


Mods...were really exciting.

#57 and #89 were swapping the lead back and forth back and forth with #87 breathing up their necks.

The #57 rubbed the wall on the fropnt stretch chasing #89. From what I could tell it upset the handling a bit.

(I'm pretty sure it was the 89) Not sure if this was a Whiteaker

At this point it was little over half way.

Then red flag flew when #60 came to rest in the turn two fence.

Something happen to him...It wasn't good. The wreck wasn't bad.

He was transported to the hospital and the race was called.

Tough decision to make considering the amount of money involved in that race, but I believe it was the right call.

It was 11:00 p.m. The ambulance was leaving. And Owen(in the drivers meeting) had said that if it was taking too long, he wouldn't hesitate to shorten a race(anyones race)

All in all it was an exciting night at STS.

Tune in with us next week

Same Dirt Time

Same Dirt Channel

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Hey Mr Nesloney,

That was an awsome recap of the race night. I miss being there right in the middle of it. Just hope whoever that was that went to the hospital comes out of it OK. I hate to see anyone hurt. It's bad enough seeing what we see over here. But my guys send out there prayers for a speedy recovery of the driver who got hurt. Kari of K.O. Graphics has promised us some DVD's of the races there at the dirt track and we can't wait to see them, especially this one. My Marines said to tell ya that your one hell of a commentator and to keep up the good work.

It's a fair day today in Southern IRAQ and the sand and dust has stopped blowing (kind of like turn 3 and 4 at CC Speedway when someone passes in the grass). The temperature has settled out at around 98 degrees at 1:30 AM. I though Texas was hot until we started warming up over here. At least we're not in the 130's yet (late June or July). Until the next update, keep the shinny side up and the peddle to the metal. :o


Thanks from all of my Sailors and Marines for the updates. Anyone is welcome to add a little info for us race starved fans.


Dennis in the Desert (IRAQ) :ph34r:


Pit Crew for the Super Street #34, 35, and 84 until I was called back to the arm pit. Should be back by next racing season i hope (FEB 2007 maybe) :blink:

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I wish I could have been more detailed about some of the races.

I was getting ready to race during some of them so I didn't get to pay full attention.


Oh yeah

Ron Hornaday wins the Truck race. After spinning Erin Crocker out earlier in the race.(thats twice he's done that to her in two weeks)Jack Sprague, and David Starr 2nd and 3rd

Kasey Kahne wins the 600 with a good lead on Jimmy Johnson 2nd then Carl Edwards 3rd

Sam Hornish Jr wins the Indy 500 in a spectacular last lap last chance pass around Marco Andretti coming to the line for one of the best Indy 500 finishes ever. That was Marco's first Indy 500 start and 2nd is pretty impressive.


I don't know about the Busch Race.....sorry


Just wanted to send a THANKS back to ALL of you Sailors, Marines, You, and anyone and everyone over there working your butts off for us.



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