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hoping for rain


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84 will miss this weeks race due to the fact dj is graduating high school that night but we will be back as it is now set up time, as some of you may know dj the 84 has been fighting engine problems and power problems all year he now has the power, not everything to get in to victory lane , but he will be passing some of you now and not just riding on the apron, cant wait to see him race now also we need it to be a rain out so dj wont miss out on rookie points, i would as djs dad say i really aprreciate all that have helped us at the track and off, mike thank you for help as well as laylo, and the dishmans for there input, be ready as dj is now ready to compete and not just ride around, i think if you saw him last race you would have seen he can drive and will as we are practicing now at the houston speedway, see ya soon

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