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Sunday Series finale @ Grayson Co. Spwy.

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Results/recap by Shannon (Slider) Young.

33 Mods showed up for the final Sunday Series show of the year!


Herny Witt Jr only needed to start the B-Main to clinch to Sunday Series title but Witt decided to clinch by winning the A-Main! After the redraw Witt and Billy Melton lead the field to the green flag. Witt would grab the lead staying on the bottom. Melton tried to run the top but got a little high hitting the wall ending his night early. The first and only caution came out when Micheal Sams, Josh Landers, and Scott Ramey would tangle and spin on lap 3. Back under green Witt would stick to the very bottom hugging the tires. Witt would creep away while the pack battled for 2nd. Keith McCullough would work his in to 2nd but Witt was long gone. Kevin Clement, Cody Smith, Shane Clement, Blaine Shives, and Tim Clonch would have great battles for postion for the entire race.



Heat 1

1st 82 Max Eddie Thomas

2nd 14X Josh Landers

3rd 3 Blain Shives


Heat 2

1st 83 Daryl Campbell

2nd 18 Cody Smith

3rd 4X Shane Clement


Heat 3

1st 132 Kevin Clement

2nd 87 Billy Melton

3rd 701 Henry Witt Jr


Heat 4

1st 118 Tim Clonch

2nd 95 Keith McCullough

3rd 35 Jeff Emerson


B-Main 1

1st 91 Scott Ramey

2nd 122 Bobby Otts

3rd 127 Glen Hibbard

4th 81 Carey Bartoo

5th 911 Jach McGaha

6th 190 Stevenson ???


B-Main 2

1st 68 Brandon Watson

2nd 10 Casey McAllister

3rd 44 Micheal Sams

4th 012 Gary Ramsey

5th 15 Dusty Belcher

6th 186 Tom Loomis



1st 701 Henry Witt Jr

2nd 95 Keith McCullough

3rd 132Kevin Clement

4th 18 Cody Smith

5th 4X Shane Clement

6th 3 Blaine Shives

7th 118 Tim Clonch

8th 10 Casey McAllister

9th 82 Max Eddie Thomas

10th 911 Josh McGaha

11th 68 Brandon Watson

12th 83 Daryl Campbell

13th 190 Stevenson ???

14th 44 Michael Sams

15th 14X Josh Landers

16th 012 Gary Ramsey

17th 122 Bobby Otts

18th 127 Glen Hibbard

19th 15 Dusty Belcher

20th 91 Scott Ramey

21st 86 Brandon Watson

22nd 81 Carey Bartoo

23rd 87 Billy Melton

24th 35 Jeff Emerson-DNS


Witt was claimed by Otts

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