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sas late model chasis

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went to sa to look at a roller for the sas late model division. its a oval components #100 chasis. looks good and im thinking about buying it. i would appreciate some feedback from anyone that may know a little about the chasis. were also looking to buy a motor. i heard brandon bendele may know someone with a motor that came out of a tsrs car. thanks for any feedback you can give. you can email me at randy.lee@calibercollision.com

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Hope this helps. As you can see, you can run just about anything. Very nice package.



 All weight breaks and/or penalties will be added to or deducted from the minimum and maximum weights outlined here

 Each car must comply with the minimum weight and the maximum weight and percentages plus any applicable penalties or breaks at all times

 The minimum weight is 3050 pounds or their designated weight at anytime with the driver in the seat. (This minimum weight of 3000 includes any/all possible weight breaks!)

 That said designated weight must be after qualifying and after all race events

 107" wheelbase over top rear chassis / 3000 pounds

 107" wheelbase under slung rear chassis / 3025 pounds

 105" wheelbase chassis all must weigh 3050 pounds

 The maximum left side weight percentage is 56% with the driver in the driver's seat

 The total left side % weight will be determined by weight breaks/penalties

• 105" wheelbase - 55%

• 107" wheelbase - 56%

• True perimeter 105" wheelbase. Chassis- 56%.

 The maximum rear weight percentage is 51% with the driver in the driver's seat

 All weight ballast must be securely bolted

• Using 2- 1/2" bolts per weight block or welded to the car

• Must be painted white and with the car # - no exceptions

• Tubular front clip chassis must have a 25 pound weight bolted to the chassis

• At a point of no more than 25 inches rearward of the center line of the front spindles




• Rear frame OVER rear axle - 25 pounds

• Coil over shocks/springs suspensions +15 pounds per

wheel (must run all 4)

• Mini clutch and/or multi disk clutches +25 pounds

• Vortec with 2.02/1.60 valves +25 pounds

• Tubular Front Clip (as specified in rules

& in specific location) +25 pounds

• Less than 107" wheelbase -1% left side weight

(Note: unless the chassis is a true perimeter chassis car)

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