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San Antonio Speedway Schedule

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Here's the schedule for June 3 at San Antonio Speedway. Our pit gate will open at 1:30 p.m., and the races will start at 6:30 p.m. (instead of 7P).


Since we have a full agenda for the evening (USRA Modiefieds, USRA Trucks, NASCAR Late Models, Sportsman, Road Runners and Grand Stocks, Boat Race, Truck Fest and a Live Concert), we did not schedule any heat races. Woody Lee is contracted to start the concert at 11:00 p.m.


Also, we're having an open practice on Friday, June 2, from 5P-9P.


Please continue to watch the San Antonio Speedway Website for additional details.


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Is it safe to assume that the Grandstocks, Roadrunners and Sportsman starting positions will be determined by points avg. or by points standing since there is no qualifying or heat races listed for these classes? If so will it be inverted?


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I got the following answers from Rick concerning the lineups and inspections for the upcoming races on June 3.


Since no heat races will be held, the feature race lineups will be determined by inversions and point averages. The driver with the highest point average in each class will draw from the following numbers: 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. The numbers available for the drawing will not exceed half the number of cars in the lineup. The number drawn will determine the inversion, starting with the highest point average.


Regarding the tech question . . . most cars have already been inspected for safety and technical compliance during previous races. So, a technical inspection is not required prior to participating in the practice sessions unless the car is new entry (hasn't been previously raced during the 2006 season) or a driver requests an inspection.


If you have any other questions concerning the June 3 races or schedule, please contact Rick at 210-827-4524.

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The Line-ups will be based off the points average not the total points for the year. The High average car will draw for the inversion of a 4,6,8, or 10. but not more than 1/2 the field with an average.


Example the following cars show up and the 12 has the highest average and draws the 6 for the inversion. the lineup will look like this


Pts Avg.
















Feature Line-Up


21 - 45

31 - 29

88 - 12

30 - 43

83 - 99

87 - 9

8 - 93


Hope this helps if not call me tomorrow and i will be glad to explain it to you.



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Rick is on his way back from Florida this evening, so I'll give your question my best shot -


The only classes that will use qualifying results for lineups are the USRA Modifieds, USRA Trucks and the NASCAR Late Models.


The lineups for the NASCAR Sportsman, Road Runner and Grand Stock classes will be determined by the point average/inversion process mentioned above.

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I see the procedure for determinging the lineup, but if you really want to see an exciting race go back to the old days; when the whole field was inverted by points. For example the point leader started from the back and so forth until you get to the pole car with the lowest points. Those days you put on a great show for the fans. I am sure the cream will come to the top!! I hope to watch an exciting show this coming weekend!!


Lets Geter Done!!

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Guest Soaker

I will have to agree with hollywood. Start the highest point average in the rear. The fans will come more often when they know they will see a race. This needs to be done in all classes as it was in the earlier days.

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I think the current invert system has the best "balance" of excitement for the fans, while maintaining the car count for the following weeks.


At SAS, complete inversions often (more than half the time) resulted in the front row cars causing the "big-one" in the first turn of the first lap involving most of the field.


I remember past champion George Hagy's race strategy in those days. I never saw him race the first lap.... he always lagged behind. He waited for the inevitable crash to sort out the cars, and then he raced.

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More than often I got to see some good racing out of inverting the entire field. It was great watching the leader come from the back. You had Beaver, Larry all coming from the back and not to leave out that Butterfinger car; it was great watching to drivers make it back to the front!! The stands was full and the car count was up. Every night a different car had a chance to boast to his sponsor and friends about how he lead the race until his car went away due to old tires, etc..... I guess once a good thing is gone there is no bringing it back. Drive smart and wish you guys lots of luck!!


Good ol days!!!

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I understand the points average thing. I was remarking that I am guessing that I am low points average in the roadrunner and will be starting in the back. If we did heats, lowest point average starts pole. Never mind, it was just supposed to be a little humor. I really don't care where I start, I just want to start.

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Never took it negative, was just trying to help people understand the inversion. Glad to know your having fun, thats what it is supposed to be. I think sometimes (including myself) we all forget that. See you Saturday.


Rick Day

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