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PAS 1978


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Here is a program I found from 1978. I scanned it in at a large resolution so it would be readable. Since the files are quite large, I placed the files at Image Shack. Just click on the thumbnails below to view the images.


pasc13ng.th.jpg pasc23hq.th.jpg paspg10bg.th.jpg

paspg28ea.th.jpg paspg37ou.th.jpg paspg41dk.th.jpg

paspg57bk.th.jpg paspg64zb.th.jpg paspg79qw.th.jpg



I will continue this in the next post... guess I found the image limit for one post!

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Great postings, Craig!


Let's see, in the driver pictures--

3 high school classmates.

2 customers when I worked at the Randolph BX in high school.

1 neighbor of my parents.

2 or three that are still driving.

Several fathers of current racers.

Several current crew members


And they all were chasing one of these--


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Glad you liked it, guys. It is great to be able to share these things, and then remember something else from that era from all your replies. That sticker is a great example; I completely forgot about them.


Here is a program I found recently. It sold for a whopping 10 cents! Imagine ian 11 X 17 sheet of paper folded in helf and then again to form 8 pages total. My images contain two pages each.


I must have been using the point rosters as a check list for my photos, which accounts for the pencil marks.



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What year is that second program from ...1973 maybe?? looking at the photos, this looks like the year they went back to the 10" wide tires. No store bought race cars in this group or at least I dont think so (maybe Waldos car) Most of these cars were made from scratch in someones garage. It was certainly a different time, I guess it was much more affordable and less technical. Talk about bringing back memories in the Super stock group I had my dad, a cousin, and 2- uncles. There was always plenty of arguing at family reunions about who was the best driver. I wonder how many of these guys are still around and how many are racing at the big track in the sky. It would really be nice to have a "PAS history web site" so we could honor those guys.

Thanks for posting


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