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STS results, 5/13/06


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Results from Saturday night 5/13/06 racing action at South Texas Speedway.



1) #87 Lawrence Mikulencak

2) #1 Jaime Schach

3) #35 Eddy Ross

4) #4 Justin Majek

5) #99 Clay Huston

6) #91d Jeremy Davenport

7) #38 David Schury

8) #60 Steve Tomlinson

9) #15 Chuck Perry

10) #94 Nick Hardcastle

11) #46 Todd Evans

12) #89 Steve Whiteaker Jr.

13) #98 TJ Huston

14) #88 Steve Whiteaker Sr.

15) #55 Danny Brown

16) #26 Darrin Leonard


Limited Modifieds

1) #88 Steve Whiteaker Sr.

2) #5 Larry Smith

3) #11 Steve Tomlinson

4) #37 Andy Van Blarcum

5) #66 Johnny Torres

6) #91 Steve Grantz

7) #911 Not Sure

8) #2 Darrell Kennemer


Street Stocks

1) #79 Randy Guzman

2) #13x Andy Anderson

3) #7 David Routen

4) #44 Gene Hyde

5) #67 Joe Horne

6) #10 Daniel Duncan

7) #47 James Myers

8) #64 Sam Myers

9) #6 Not Sure

10) #86 Dale Myers

11) #11 Chuck Barber

12) #27 Douglas Lestourgen

13) #66 Adam Torres

14) #13 Bill Stephens

15) #45 Joey Heinaman


Texas Thunder

1) #14 Will Robertson

2) #77 GB Carter

3) #21 EJ Gilpin

4) #12 Tim Gilpin

5) #44 Rick Russell

6) #99 Ronald Deleon

7) #19 Todd Hudler

8) #22 Brandon Skinner

9) #69 Mark Brooks

10) #4 Cody Limerick

11) #15 Charlie York

12) #6 Randy Smith

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Heinaman and Stephen both broke. There was no stipulations on the $100 bounty on Bill Stephens so the bounty will be paid to Randy Guzman for a great win. Randy you have to come back and race to collect. LOL.


Good job to everyone in the street stocks that was a good race.


Darrin you are welcome, I want to support those that support us that is why I decided to pay the $100 to start the modified feature this past weekend.

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Eddy Ross is on "Fire" with them places in the top five these last couple of weeks. All the rest of you guys are kicking but also, but my videographer seems to follow Eddy around a bunch. 108 degrees in southern IRAQ today so our spare time was spent watching dirt slinging cars from STS. We'd love to see more DVD's sent this way, so please if you have any that are burned to DVD (that's all we have is a DVD player with a 17 inch screen) send them to us race starved Sailor and Marine raciing fans doing our part so you can do yours. Give them to Rick Russell (#44) and he'll drop them off to my wife if you still live around the corner. Thanks for your help entertaining us.


Dennis in the Desert (IRAQ)


Pit crew for the #34, 35 and 84 until I got sent back to IRAQ for a second tour.

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Yeah thats great that Eddy Ross is finishing in the top five. I have been waiting for a natural disaster hit. I think that the car thinks that one has already hit because the car is actually getting attention.

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Thanks Denis for helping us out over there and all your buddies.And yes the modified is pretty good right now but there is about twenty cars that have a chance for a top 5 at any time .We are not quite to the level of Whitaker, Mikulencak and Majek yet.But we are in that second pack. Unfortunately its a very big pack.Atleast im at the point where im making small changes not cutting brackets off and moving them.

And Denis tell me who has the DVDs i would like to see them.

Pig dont worry about the disasters i will be here to help you if anything bad happens.

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