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USRA to Honor the Memory of Kevin Stuberg


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I got word from Terry Dickerson tonight that the USRA is working on a special event to honor the late Kevin Stuberg who died late last week after a long, courageous battle with cancer.


"Kevin was San Antonio Speedway's number one fan," Dickerson said. "We want to honor the memory of this courageous and terrific young man in a special way. Both (San Antonio Speedway General Manager) Rick (Day) and I are out of town to care for our close relatives who have urgent medical needs at this time, but we will be announcing a special event in Kevin's honor in the not too distant future."


Terry's son. who lives out of state, was seriously injured late last week and Terry has been by his bedside since then. And Rick's mom had very serious surgery earlier in the week - again, out of state - which has taken up most of his time and energy over the past few days.


Our prayers and concerns are extended to the Subergs and to Terry and Rick as well.


Nick Holt

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