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10K Challenge presented by Colorado Dirt Magazine

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The five winners lined up by draw to run a five lap dash to set the front five starting spots, with the winner also picking up an extra $150 put up by Shoshana from Colorado Dirt Magazine.


Brady Coen and Monte Bolton led the field to green, with Bolton first into turn one. Ken Maloney and Jeff Hartwell made slight contact and slid high in turn four allowing Mike Sandholm to move into third. Bolton and Coen ran side by side during the entire race, and the duo came to the checkers it was Coen ekeing out the win by a bumper at the line.


Brady Coen

Monte Bolton

Mike Sandholm

Ken Maloney

Jeff Hartwell


Last Chance Qualifier #1 Top two from each transfer to main.


Chad Chadwick grabbed the early lead from outside front row driver Conrad Burkhardt with Richard Hesse getting loose and backed up the field. There was alot of two and three cwide racing as drivers tried avoid contact with each other, though some were more successful than others. Hesse was lucky enough to maintain second during the melee and he swapped second with Tony Schultz. Schultz ran down C Chadwick and was looking low, while Perry Misner, Phillip Canaday and Eddie Edwards ran three wide for fourth.


After a restart Schultz was pressuring C Chadwick hard for the lead with Misner and Edwards getting by Hesse for third and fourth. Edwards got by Misner and ran down Schultz as C Chadwick built a five car lead. During another restart C Chadwick slowed slightly allowing Schultz and Edwards to challenge. They were three wide for the lead coming out of turn two, with Edwards getting the lead. Schultz got along side Ewards and just as he made the pass for the lead, yellow came out again giving the point back to Edwards. Edwards held off Schultz the final two laps to get the hard earned win.


Top ten, Edwards, Schultz, Canaday, Beau Speicher, Dick Brack, C Chadwick, Burkhardt, Dave Lindsay, Don Baisch, Misner.


Qualifier #2 was paced to green by Bill Lundock and Jeff Hunter with Lundock getting the lead. Hunter and Dulane Conclasure swapped second as Jeff Hanson closed in on them. Hanson got around Conclasure on lap five and quickly put the heat on Hunter for second. Hanson tried Hunter low on lap 8 as the top three were running together. Just before halfway Hunter broke and pulled out making the top five at the mid point Lundock, Hanson, Joe Bellm, George Ashby and Conclasure.


Hanson used a restart to get the advantage on Lundock to snag the lead. Hanson and Lundock pulled ahead leaving Conclasure, Dan Fitgerald and Ashby to battle for third. Fitzgerald put on a charge in the final laps grabbing fourth from Ashby then third from Conclasure. But Fitzgerald would run out of laps trying to make the transfer as Hanson grabbed the victory.


Top ten, Hanson, Lundock, Fitzgerald, Comclasure, Ashby, Joe Cleveland, Todd Deschamps, Ronnie Williams, Clint Giest, Larry Jackson.


Qualifier #3 saw Joe Debenedetti grab the lead on lap one but slide up in turn one allowing Ricky Alvarado to get the point on lap 2. Debenedetti retook the top spot on lap three but again got into turn one to hot.R Alvarado took advantage and regained the lead on lap four. R Alvarado, Debenedetti and Mike Sagel pulled away while a brutal battle was going on from fourth on back. Frank Perez got spun from that battle for the races only caution.


R Alavarado got a good jump on the restart as the race to halfway with R Alvarado, Debenedetti, Josh Reisch, Bradley Shelton and Sagel rounding out the top five. R Alvarado would go unchallenged to grab the checkers by 10 car lengths.


Top ten R. Alvarado, Debenedetti, Reisch, Terry Belcher, Shelton, Sagel, Monty Nordyke, Greg Buker, Ray Laird, Perez.


Qualifier #4 Started with RC Whitwell and Don Shepherd on the front row. Whitweell got the top spot on lap one despite getting loose and rear-eneded by Shepherd. On laps four and five Whitwell and Shepherd were wheel to wheel for the lead. Whitwell slipped allowing Shepherd and Sten Johnson to get by, but was saved when caution came out for a spin by Scotty Slater.


Whitweel got out on the restart while Shepherd and Johnson swapped the runner up spot. At the mid point Whitwell had pulled away from second place battle. Whitwell went on to get the win by a comfortable margin


Top ten Whitwell, Shepherd, Johnson, Bill Brack, Roger Albright, Steve Lewis, Ernie Jones, Brad Kembel, Marlin Kracht, Stan Dahley


The 10 lap last chance race would add one more driver the field. All remaining drivers redrew for starting position. 50 drivers drew with 32 cars making the call, which was about 3 times as many as I figured there would be. This race would qualify as a "free-for-all" race, with the only stoppages if someone stopped on track in harms way.


Chad Chadwick and Todd Deschamps started on row, with C Chadwick jumping into the lead on lap 1. Sten Johnson quickly challenged and snared the top spot on lap 2. Joe Cleveland got by C Chadwick for second following Johnson through. The only yellow came when Dave Lindsay spun in turn four.

On the restart Johnson, Cleveland and C Chadwick were three wide for the lead. Cleveland and C Chadwick made contact allowing John Riesch to sneak into second. At halfway it was Johnson, Riesch, Brad Kembel, Frank Perez and Joe Bellm in the top five. Johnson would be able to hold 'em all off in the final laps to get last transfer spot.


Top ten, Johnson, Riesch, Perez, Kenbel, Bellm, Ronnie Williams, Joe Mullins, Kellen Chadwick, Mark Bailey, Beau Speicher.

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