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Chuck Licata to Audition at Austin's KTBC-TV

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May 12, 2006

Contact: Pat Mayberry


Taking a trip through NASCAR Nation


The announcer for Texas Super Racing Series (TSRS) and Thunder Hill raceway

(THR), Chuck Licata, will join Joe Bickett on Austin's KTBC-TV (Fox, Channel

7) this Monday morning around 6:15 a.m. for Bickett's "NASCAR Nation"

segment, in what amounts to an audition.


Bickett, who is a big NASCAR fan, does a Friday morning segment of NASCAR

Nation with KASE-FM's Bama Brown to preview each weekend's upcoming NASCAR

race. However, Brown was not available to do the race review on Monday's

segment on a regular basis.


"The opportunity presented itself," said Licata, who hosts The Motorsports

Zone on KVET-AM 1300, each Sunday at 10 a.m. CT. "Joe told me we'd do one

segment this coming Monday, then let the powers that be decide if they want

me to come back to do another one."


Licata writes a weekly NASCAR column for The Highland Lakes newspapers

group, which includes The Highlander (Marble Falls), the Burnet Bulletin and

the Llano Buzz (of which he is editor). Licata and business partner Kevin

McAdams own K-MAC Sports Productions of Austin, which has aired a live and

delayed broadcast of the first two TSRS races of the 2006 season.


For information about K-MAC Sports, please see www.kmacsports.com. For

information about TSRS please see the series' web site,


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