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New USRA SLM to Adopt FFS and MIS Rules

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For Immediate Release – May 12, 2006

Contact: Nick Holt, USRA Media Director

(210) 415-1251 (cell)

(210) 690-8564 (office)





USRA Super Late Models


San Antonio, TX (May 12, 2006) – The United States Racing Association (USRA) announced today that the Texas-based USRA Super Late Model Series is adopting the Super Late Model (SLM) rules used at both Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida, and at Mobile International Speedway in Mobile, Alabama.


Several of the USRA SLM drivers have already been competing at Pensacola and Mobile and the rules established for both speedways seem to attract drivers from all over the country.


In making the announcement, USRA Race Director Rick Day emphasized that the change will align the USRA SLM series with other successful SLM programs in the South and that the new rules are nearly identical to the rules currently used by the USRA.


“We know these changes may not be readily accepted by some our current Super Late Model teams,” Day said. “But the USRA is positioning the SLM series for growth during 2006 and beyond. These rules are really very similar to our current rules except for the weight and weight percentages. And I want to emphasize that once the rules have been aligned, we don’t plan on making any more changes except for safety reasons.”


Day has been in contact with Tim Bryant, Promoter at Five Flags Speedway, to align the schedules for next year. “We’re already trying to eliminate any schedule conflicts in 2007 and we’ will be encouraging our USRA SLM drivers to expand their racing agenda beyond the Texas boundaries,” Day explained. “And, of course, this change will entice drivers from all over the southern region to become part of USRA racing in Texas as well.”


The rules changes will be posted on the USRA website, http://www.usraspeed.com, within the next few days.


The next USRA Super Late Model race is scheduled for June 10, 2006, at Texas Motor Speedway.


For more information about USRA, visit http://www.usraspeed.com or contact Rick Day at 210-827-4524.


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I wonder why the rule changes couldn't have been announced, but made effective for 2007?


I wonder if USRA will have the tools at TMS to closely tech the carburetors (recall that Five Flags disqualified 3 of the top finishers for carburetor violations).


I just flat wonder.......and wander.

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