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Houston Grand Prix


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Some creds found their way onto my desk yesterday so I decided to head over and check out some practice.


It's the first time I've seen the ALMS live and I'm considering a trip to Daytona or Sebring for 07. I was truly impressed.


The Toyota Atlantics where underwhelming but the Cart boys are just plain flying around that place; Paul Tracey is an animal. They had to add a chicane (sp?) to the course to slow them down. I didn't realize until yesterday but a Cart car weights 1550# and produce 700 hp.


The place to be is turn 4 (around the dome). It's an off camber right hander and the ALMS and CART cars are well into triple digits around that thing. There is a big bump mid corner and many of the cars are hanging the suspension; all four corners are getting air and they never lift!


All I've got to say is if you have the opportunity to go you should. But if you do go take plenty of cash; $7 beers and $5 hotdogs; those "free passes" cost me 50 bucks.

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