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SAR results from 5/6/06

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Winner:Jason Smith from San Antonio, TX

DI: 7.90; RT: .4951; ET: 14.6790; MPH: 68.81

Runner Up: Bob Gregory from Corpus Christi, TX

car broke

Semi: Ron Matheny from San Antonio, TX and

Brett Zampese from Fair Oaks Ranch, TX



Winner: split between Wayne Baker from San Antonio, TX and

Mike Burns from San Antonio, TX due to rain

Semi: Rick Baumgardner from Austin, TX and

Todd Zampese from Fair Oaks Ranch, TX



Winner: Michele Kato from Austin, TX

DI: 10.94; RT: .0045; ET: 10.9443; MPH: 122.38

Runner Up: Phil Rossi from Buda, TX

DI: 10.18; RT: .0446; ET: 10.1509; MH: 131.77

Semi: Jimmy Koranek from Cibolo, TX and

R.J. Doerr from Marion, TX



Winner: Crystal Petersn from League City, TX

DI: 7.98; RT: .0657; ET: 7.9579; MPH: 81.01

Runner Up: Brenna Lande from Richmond, TX

DI: 8.00; RT: -.0076; ET: 7.9664; MPH: 82.21

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