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"Hey folks...


A few have mentioned that my involvment with the MZone Show and the racing web sites has slipped the past few weeks..


This is true...the reason is, sad to say, Ric Clark is taking some time away from the show...


Ric has a lot of committments at home to take care of..Two weeks ago, my radio partner told me he had to back off his duties with The Motorsports Zone radio show...


He hopes to remain a part of the show and the K-MAC Sports web sites..


I am in the process of re-evaluating all of my current projects so I can be more effective...I hope to get things going again soon and keep the momentum we've created since February...


Thanks for your patience...and your support of the show, all racing web sites and local racing!"


Thanks, Chuck Licata

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can you pick up 1300 , an austin am radio station in sas?

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Feedback is already great, and always appreciated!!


We do get press releases from USRA, but we don't get them from SAS....thus, we've talked about USRA...We did talk about the rainout at SAS last weekend and what day/date that was rescheduled....


No, we don' t have "selected" vision...it helps when folks send us info...Neil Upchurch and Pat Mayberry are the best at it--I always have results/points waiting for me on the Sunday after every TPS and TSRS race...Nick is also getting me USRA on a good basis....Jay and Sarge get me the dirt track results on a consistent basis...


Realize, too, we "play to what our listeners want.."...if we get phone calls/emails about a certain local/regional/national track or series, then we hit that harder then we do the track/series that don't get any response or input...we only have an hour, ya know (LOL)


I hope this helps...thanks for listening....also, if you receive us loud and clear, feel free to call in sometime...

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