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KYLE, TX (March 29, 2006) – Texas ProSedan cars from all across the great state of Texas arrived to compete for the win at the fourth race of the TPS season, the first race in the 2006 season at Thunderhill. The track, originally opened in 1998, has rapidly become Central Texas’ fastest 3/8’s asphalt oval. The D-shaped track provides exciting racing for both the drivers and the fans. This race day was no exception. Eighteen Pro Sedan cars arrived at the track to fight for that first place finish.


The race day for the Texas ProSedan drivers began with two heat races. The line up for the heat races are determined by the driver’s points standings. The finishing order of each heat race determines the line up for the featured main event race. “We almost missed the entire event. The engine needed replaced after the last race, and it was a race in itself to get it done in time. We had problems getting all of the replacement parts, and then the rains came late Friday night. When we were getting ready to load the racecar onto the trailer, the truck and trailer became stuck in the mud. By the time we finished getting the car done, loaded, and the truck out of the mud, we had a late start, to say the least.” Hart said.


Due to the late arrival, Lloyd Hart, driver of the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX missed the practice sessions, and had to start the heat race from the final starting position.


As the cars made their way to the track for the first heat race, Hart made one lap around under the caution flag, then pulled the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX back into the pits. “Something wasn’t right under the hood. Because of the problems we had getting to the track, this was the first time we had the car under any kind of power. Immediately, I could see we had something wrong with the carburetor linkage. I didn’t want to stay out there and have something break and wreck the car, or wreck another driver. I felt the best option was to pull the car off the track, miss the heat race, and get it fixed in time for the main event” stated Hart.


That decision placed Hart and the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX towards the back for the start of the main event. As the green flag fell signaling the start of the race, Hart was able to get the car up to race speeds for the first time since putting in the back up engine. “I just felt the car out for the first few laps, and it felt pretty good. I could see some areas that we needed to adjust, and if we had been able to make the practice sessions, the car would have been better” Hart said. However, the water and oil temperatures in the Instant Imprints Honda CRX began to rise. “I kept an eye on the gauges through the whole race. I was ready to pull it into the pits to save the engine, but just as I was ready to, a caution would fall. That allowed me to pull down and stop to let the car cool down. As a driver, I hate to see the caution flag come out for any reason, but it really worked out well for us this time. Each caution came out just as the car was getting too hot, and the caution would allow the car to cool enough to go back and run a few more laps. We took the checkered flag, and that is always a good thing, and getting a top ten just made it even better” Hart said with a grin.


Even with the problems, Lloyd Hart brought the #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX across the finish line in 9th place. The winner of the feature race was Donnie Moore in the #70 VW Scirocco owned by George Merrell. Hart and the entire 4 ~ Hart Motorsports team wish Donnie and his entire team congratulations on the fourth victory of the season.


After the night of racing had concluded, the 4 ~ Hart Motorsports team met with several fans in the post race celebration. Hart stated “My sponsor Instant Imprints in San Antonio and the 4 ~ Hart Motorsports team put together t-shirts that were given away to the fans tonight, as a way to say thanks. We wanted to make sure we were here after the races to meet the fans who cheer us on. Thanks to Mary Ann, Aaron and his wife, the JRA Kids club, the track announcer, and all of the great folks at Thunder Hill Raceway for working with us and Instant Imprints in sharing the t-shirts with the fans!! The plan is to giveaway more t-shirts to the supportive fans at each race this year.”


The #19 Instant Imprints Honda CRX driver also said, “Thanks to all of TPS for putting on such a great race, and to Thunder Hill Raceway for hosting our races. We are looking forward to returning there for our next feature on May 27th. I also have to thank God for a safe race, thanks to my great primary sponsor, Instant Imprints, to my Crew Chief Jack, and all of my Crew, Karla, Greg, Samantha, Kathy, and Jonathan, and also to all of my family for their unending support of my racing!”


4~Hart Motorsports and the Texas ProSedans can next be found at Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle Texas on May 27th for their fifth race of the season.


4~Hart Motorsports is sponsored by Instant Imprints of San Antonio. Information about 4~Hart Motorsports will be available on the web in the near future.


Information about Texas ProSedans can be found at www.texasprosedans.com.

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Congratulations Llord.


I can't wait to see that thing fly after you get all the bug worked out.


BTW - I didn't get a shirt!!! LOL


See you soon


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