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I-37 Speedway report 4/21/06

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Fans Enjoy the Excitement of Close Dirt Track Competition

by Bill Morris


Race fans were treated to five different divisions in last Friday night's race

program at the I-37 Speedway. The four resident divisions were joined by the

Texas Outlaw Modifieds to present a program of 13 "wheel to wheel" events. Many

observers will tell you that the most exciting parts of any race are the start

and the finish. Unlike the TV races that have one start and one finish,

separated by three to four hours of travel time. In comparison, "short track"

races provide the fan with over a dozen starts and finishes in the same time

period. If you like TV racing, you will love "short track" racing.


In the Pure Stock action last Friday, San Antonio's Paul Reyes picked up the

checkered flag for the feature event, finishing ahead of Dubba Hawkins and young

Devin Adler of Pleasanton. Justin Henley, of Oak Island, proved the old racing

saying; "They run best just before they blow", when midway through the feature

his engine exploded in a ball of fire. He climbed from the fire uninjured, but

the car will need some serious attention.


For the second race in a row, Seguin's Art Kelly captured top honors. Second

spot went to Somerset's Howie Marx, who started at the back of the field and was

preparing to challenge the leader, but ran out of time. Elmendorfer's David

Rydl rounded out the top three finishers.


David Boggs from Pleasanton crossed the finish line in front to win the Sports'

Modified feature event. Following Boggs was his Pleasanton neeighbor Mike

Finkel, ahead of Phillip Cantu of Bloomington.


In the fast moving IMCA Modifieds, it was a battle from start to finish with

three different drivers leading the event, but these three provided fans with

six lead changes during the 20 lap feature event. When the checkered flag flew,

it was Sandia, Texas native Danny Brown at the front of the pack, followed by

Bobb Grobe from Corpus Christi, ahead of Victoria's Mickey Helms.

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