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Update from Terry Dickerson


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Terry Dickerson has asked me to post a few thoughts on here.


1) First off, Terry says he's really grateful for all the support he and his USRA and SAS management teams have received this season. "We really had an intense season and I learned a lot about who's who around South Texas." Dickerson said, "I feel like we're in good shape going into next season. Wayne has been a big help and is getting the rules headed in a good direction."


2) Terry's been spending most of his time lately working on sponsorships for 2006. "I've been working very hard on obtaining major sponsors for 2006 and have several appointments schedule for this week," Dickerson said. "During the season we got the word out about USRA and San Antonio Speedway and people are starting to take notice.


3) Terry asks everyone to be patient about the 2006 rules. "Wayne has four sets of rules to re-write for San Antonio Speedway and three more sets for the three USRA series. Wayne, Nick and Randy have put in a lot of time on research and seeking input from all over," Dickerson said. "It just takes time to get everything all put together. We're asking everyone to be patient and we'll get the rules published as soon as they are ready - hopefully by December 17th."


4) Terry also that people who want to share their concerns about the 2006 rules or 2006 schedule to call him or Wayne after 4 p.m., if possible. He's still trying to run his equipment company and has been on the phone trying to line up sponsors during the day and Wayne is thrashing on the rules and needs the uninterrupted time to get things lined up right.


Bottom line - Terry is very upbeat about 2006 and hopes that everyone will stay on board as he tries to make things better for everyone involved - sponsors, fans, teams and staff.


Nick Holt

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