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USRA All Star Race Trucks @ Fall Brawl

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Qualifying---Colt James 20.922


Magnum Trailers Twin 35's

Colt Claims ARTS Cash

In the first of the twin 35 lappers for the All Star Race Truck Series saw James draw the third starting spot, with Cory Roper and Steve Green drawing the front row spots. The two stayed together on the drop of the green while James took a peek inside. Roper was first out of turn 1, but James was quick to flex his muscle as he got along side on the back stretch to grab the lead.


From there James began to creep away from the field as the top seven separated out, with Brent Bell, Robert Walton and Bill Hamilton battling for eighth. That trio continued to swap those spots on lap 6. As James started into lap traffic Terry McCoul spun at the start-finish line just in front of the leader, to bring out yellow on lap 9.


James got ahead by three truck lengths as the green waved again, while Josh Cheek began to pressure Roper for second. On lap 14 Jody Buzbee, in his first ever ARTS start moved into the top te n getting past Bell for tenth after having to start at the rear of the field due to his rookie status.


Lap 15 saw Roper start to fade with a slipping transmission allowing Cheek to get inside . the two made slight contact giving Green a run on both to grab the second spot. Lehman was able to follow Green through the gap to take over third. Bud Carroll, coming off his first ever win Houston last race, then moved by a dramatically slowing Roper for fourth.


As the race reached halfway the top five were James, Green Lehman, Carroll and Cheek, with James holding a huge lead. By lap 23 James was into heavy traffic with over a six second lead. Even slower traffic wouldn’t slow the determined James as he lost little ground slicing through lower cars.


With ten to go, James had cleared traffic and was sailing along, while Carroll, Hamilton and Cheek in the fight for fourth. Carroll's good run went up in flames literealy as he broke an oil line and erupted in fire on the back stretch. The red waved as Carroll spun himself on the front stretch for the fire crew to extinguish the blaze. Cheek pulled out of the top five during the caution.


James was able to reassert himself, despite lap traffic being taken out of the equation. James continued to inch ahead of Green, Lehman and Hamilton who had held a good gap to Rusty Mirth, Buzbee and Neal Rogers. James kept inching away from Green in the final laps building a 4 tenths of second advantage as the checkers flew.


United States Racing Association All Star Race Truck Series – First Twin 35


1. (60) Colt James, Buda, TX, 35 laps

2. (54) Steve Green, Marble Falls, TX, 35

3. (28) Shawn Paul Lehman, Manchaca, TX, 35

4. (5) Bill Hamilton, Red Oak, TX, 35

5. (10) Robert Walton, Del Valle, TX, 35

6. (07) Rusty Mirth, Austin, TX, 35

7. (22) Jody Buzbee, Waco, TX, 35

8. (3) Neal Rogers, Lockhart, TX, 35

9. (72) Brent Bell, Katy, TX, 35

10. (33) Josh Freeman, Austin, TX, 34

11. (8) Jeff Rosenbeck, Austin, TX, 34

12. (21) Keith Patrick, Helotes, TX, 34

13. (38) Cameron Moore Jr, Buda, TX, 34

14. (64) Terry McCoul, Brookshire, TX, 34

15. (18) Bud Carroll, Streetman, TX, 28

16. (09) Josh Cheek, Buffalo, TX, 28

17. (40) Craig Roper, Vernon, TX, 26

18. (25) Doug Bland, Springfield, MO, DNS



Colt Cops Race 2

The second of the twin 35's for the USRA All Star Race Trucks stated with the top six finishers from race 1 inverted, putting Mirth and Walton on the front row. Points leader, Lehman who added a couple markers to his lead in race 1, started fourth. The front row stayed door to door, while in the pack Moore and Cheek made contact leaving debris in turn 1. On the next start, Walton was first into turn 1 and grabbed the point on lap 1, while Hamilton and Mirth were side by side for second and James battled along side Lehman for fourth.


On lap 2 James got by Mirth for third, leaving to battle with Lehman for fourth. Lehman took the spot from Mirth on lap 3, while James tried the high groove to get by Hamilton for second. James made the pass complete on lap 4 and was quickly on Walton for the top spot. Mirth continued to drop spots losing fifth to Green.


From the high side to the low side, James ducked under Walton on lap 5 and put the Ford out front on lap 6. Green made contact with Lehman sending them both spinning in turns 3-4 to bring out the first yellow. On the restart, James was quickly away, as Hamilton got around Walton for second and Cheek passed Mirth for fourth.


By lap 10, James had again build himself a huge lead, with Cheek getting by Walton for third as Green and Lehman worked their way back up through the field. Roper and Mirth battled side by side for fifth on lap 11, while Rosenbeck and Buzbee moved by Rogers for seventh and eighth. Cheek used the high side on lap 13 to take second from Hamilton on lap 13, while Buzbee took seventh from Rosenbeck.


James increasing his margin to nearly a full straightaway over Cheek and Hamilton by lap 15. Green and Lehman both moved back into on the top ten on lap 16 as they got under Rosenbeck. At halfway, James had a five second advantage over Cheek and Hamilton, with Walton and Roper rounding out the top five. Moore brought out the yellow on lap 18 with a solo spin in turn 2.


James wasted little time rebuilding his lost edge over the field as the race went back to green. Buzbee got past Mirth for sixth, as Lehman took eighth from Green. Cheek tried to stay in contact with James, with both having a gap back Hamilton, Walton and Roper. Lehman got loose on lap 21 as he tried to get by Mirth giving Green the chance to take back the eighth spot.


Lap 23 saw Roper beginning to pressure Walton for fourth, while rookie driver Buzbee closed in on both. With ten to go, James had a ten truck margin on Cheek and was inching farther away. Walton, Roper and Buzbee had one of two, three truck fights going on, as Mirth, Green and Lehman battled it out behind them.


James was on cruise control as the race wound down as Roper continued his scrap with Walton for fourth. Lehman got a spot from Green on lap 33 as Green slipped and went too high in turn 2. Moore brought out the final yellow with two to go, setting up a green, white checker finish. James got two truck lengths as green waved again and held on to that advantage to grab his second win of the night.



United States Racing Association All Star Race Truck Series – Second Twin 35


1. (60) Colt James, Buda, TX, 35 laps

2. (09) Josh Cheek, Buffalo, TX, 35

3. (5) Bill Hamilton, Red Oak, TX, 35

4. (10) Robert Walton, Del Valle, TX, 35

5. (40) Craig Roper, Vernon, TX, 35

6. (22) Jody Buzbee, Waco, TX, 35

7. (54) Steve Green, Marble Falls, TX, 35

8. (07) Rusty Mirth, Austin, TX, 35

9. (28) Shawn Paul Lehman, Manchaca, TX, 35

10. (8) Jeff Rosenbeck, Austin, TX, 35

11. (21) Keith Patrick, Helotes, TX, 3512. (72) Brent Bell, Katy, TX, 35

13. (3) Neal Rogers, Lockhart, TX, 35

14. (38) Cameron Moore Jr, Buda, TX, 33

15. (64) Terry McCoul, Brookshire, TX, 33

16. (33) Josh Freeman, Austin, TX, 6

17. (18) Bud Carroll, Streetman, TX, 6

18. (25) Doug Bland, Springfield, MO, 5




Colt Caps Off Weekend Sweep

In the $1000 to win, eight truck shootout, for the top eight trucks in combined finishes, Walton and James paced the field to green. James got a good start, with 16 year old former Go-Kart champ and dirt modified driver, Buzbee grabbing second. James again began to show the power of his Ford as he moved way from Buzbee who was getting some heat from Cheek. Cheek tried to duck inside Buzbee on lap 3, but Buzbee held the spot.


At the midpoint it was James, Buzbee, Cheek, Hamilton and Walton rounding out the top five. James lead was a half straightaway on lap 7 over Buzbee. Hamilton then moved in on Cheek in a fight for third. At the checkers it James completing his dominant sweep of the trucks, taking the victory by four and half seconds.


United States Racing Association All Star Race Truck Series – 10-lap Shootout


1. (60) Colt James, Buda, TX, 10 laps

2. (22) Jody Buzbee, Waco, TX, 10

3. (09) Josh Cheek, Buffalo, TX, 10

4. (5) Bill Hamilton, Red Oak, TX, 10

5. (10) Robert Walton, Del Valle, TX, 10

6. (28) Shawn Paul Lehman, Manchaca, TX, 10

7. (07) Rusty Mirth, Austin, TX, 10

8. (54) Steve Green, Marble Falls, TX, 0

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