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  1. IMCA - Stock Car

    Sale happen?
  2. Rebuilt 993s bolt on firm at 550. Make offer on others. All pulled off running motors. Bumper Jack's 75 OBO Text or call. 210-717-5311. Kevin Vasbinder.
  3. Mid 80's Malibu and late 70's Nova Nova Make offer. Trade. Parts. Whatever. Malibu. Firm 1800. Frame checked and done by Terry's Body Shop. All new front suspension AFCO except spindles. New nose piece. New pair Basset Rims with pull offs. All body parts. A couple seats to choose from. New solid motor mounts. Radiator. Trans cooler. Speedway quick steer. Text or call. 210-717-5311. Kevin Vasbinder.
  4. Cage help

    Been a while since I been on here, but are those for sale or example?
  5. Cage help

    Roll cage compete just need front hoops, bumper. Early 80s malibu
  6. Cage help

    Looking for some help completing front cage around motor and bumper for front of car.
  7. Cage help

    Looking for some help completing front cage around motor and bumper for front of car.
  8. My daughters car broke the timing belt. I got the timing belt back on, but everytime it seems l like marks? are off a hair or two. It will not start. Does the alternator have to be installed to start. Everything I have read says the marks dont exactly line up, but then why do they have the marks then? I would think it would at least start but have rough idle or what not. Any ideas?
  9. 97 Chevy spark problem

    Cap and rotor changed already. Plug wires and plugs. Thinking it might have something to do with ECM. I'm not sure if my scan tool will give me the information I'm looking for to diagnose thos problem. It was more a TC scanner that reads O2, fuel mixture, etc. Not sure what info I can get without it running. Thanks for the input HiTech. It was an AutoZone cap... Never buying sensors from AZ again. Never have they worked properly.
  10. What would cause there to be spark to distributor, but not at plug outputs other than timing. Read that the cam sensor would not cause this issue. Could the crank sensor cause this though? Truck ran out of gas and hasnt started since.
  11. Crossmember

    That is a bit far, but thanks for the response. Maybe Ill call him and get some recommendations or see what he can do. Thanks again
  12. Crossmember

    I am looking for advice or a place to get some frame straightening done. It appears that the crossmember on the front clip of my early 80's Malibu is slightly twisted. It was overlooked when I purchased. My fault. I need to find someone to straighten if possible and help get motor mounts and motor mounted. I am located outside Marion near McQueeney. Thanks.
  13. I got a motor. why don't you let me put it in and see how it runs?! LOL.


    1. drew


      LOL...well..my foot is very heavy and the car digs hard...and if i blew it up then I would be super broke. LMAO

    2. F5RACING


      i was thinking my foot.


  14. car make it to scrap?