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  1. "Run what Ya Brung" to a new level

    I would have given anything for the little boy to ask “what’s downforce?” About 20 seconds in. That was pretty incredible. I got dizzy watching the video😂
  2. Under the lights

    Ain’t that the truth. Dale never did that to anyone.
  3. Holy Smoke

    I thought you were going to say Tony Stewart converted to the priesthood.
  4. 1979

    Nice comparison regarding Bowman and Labonte. Hadn’t really thought about it...and that’s coming from a huge Terry Labonte fan. Thought it was a good race overall. Ratings were up a fair amount - especially in the big cities. A big difference between 1979 and 2020....cellphones and technology - so many more options than 3 major networks, PBS and a local station or two.
  5. 1951 Langhorne National Open

    This is a great video too. I can’t remember seeing sprints without cages. I think they are some of the greatest looking cars that ever existed. I would have loved to see Jud Larson race.
  6. 1951 Langhorne National Open

    Glad you enjoyed it. 🏁
  7. Thought some if you might enjoy this. Funny to hear comments on how racing has changed and the difficulty in being an owner-driver in 1951. Wrecks are scary, two seperate fires on this day.
  8. No Nascar till may

    Kenny Wallace is all over social media - twitter mostly doing things to try to bring people together in his own way. He seems like a genuinely good guy.
  9. And so it begins

    One of the better tweets I have seen from the racing community
  10. And so it begins

    That would work in an emergency, I would be concerned about them not breaking down and clogging a line - especially with my kids who like to use a lot of it. Worst case - go organic
  11. You can watch 2019 and 2020 events FREE all weekend. This is how you market the sport in 2020.
  12. WOO cancels

    I had plans for Tulare and Perris.
  13. WOO cancels