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  1. This will be the last race for the 2012 season at RIO GRANDE SPEEDWAY according to RGS mgt. Come one come all Saturday 12-15-12!!!
  2. Gokart gearing

    Its a standard track 110' straits and 40 ish feet accross should be close to what you run at south texas. Last race is this weekend.
  3. non chevys

    How many non Chevys,are at your local Ford,or Dodges cars or powered by in pure stocks and above?
  4. Need Help please

    Im fairly close to STS but im 45min from RGS in McAllen.
  5. Need Help please

    Ill do that I have seven acres that my neighbor farms Ill talk to him see if he will disc it flat for me. I just saw that we are getting one practice day Feb 24 then season starts on march 3rd. Not much time left. Leo
  6. Need Help please

    "I was wondering though if a motor cycle helmet will work... LoL I can get one of those for free... LoL LoL I doubt its stout enough though... : Aint that funny a motorcycle helmet will work for a drag racer ,1/4 mile 10 sec 130 mph and I have seen them as old as dot 90 mine was a m 96 lol ..... oh well. Time for being really safe which I find is ok nothing like knowing that that is what the helmet is made for, I didnt know about the rating till recently when I started looking for a new helmet if I had known I think I would have bought the right helmet not just something to pass tech. Im excited for the season to start for the seat time I would like to see quite a few play days but I dont know with all that has gone on with the Modifed Nationals this year, I hope the promoter will give a few more play days, I guess we will see. Thanks, Leo
  7. Need Help please

    Ill soak up all the info I can, and im gonna take it slow the first few time on the track or till I get cofortable with my car. I already know its more expensive I still have to get a snell rated helmet and the rest of my racing gear, my m rated helmet wont cut it and I only have a jacket which is getting pretty ratty.
  8. Need Help please

    Thanks guys thats great advise, Ill try to remember it all when time comes. I cant wait for the first play day!!!!!! Thanks,Leo
  9. Need Help please

    Thats some good advise Oldtimer I could see where I could get cought up with what is going on around me that driving the car will would get slower. I never had to worry about stuff like that drag racing. Thanks, Leo
  10. Need Help please

    Ok Ill try the pad in the seat , I reach the pedals fine my legs are bent slightly my concern was how much I should be able to see while sitting in the car ill try having someone stand in front of the car. Right now im comfortable sitting in the car just not comfortable at how much I can see. I also know I dont want to be to high and get half covered in mud either. lol Thanks all for the help, would any one know of a company that ships sheet aluminum for the doors at a reasonable price? I still have yet to hit up some of the metal places here in south Texas to see what they can do for me patial sponser maybe , but if anyone know of a company please let me know.
  11. Need Help please

    Thanks fellas for the replys ill try putting something in front of the car and see what that does, the car was set up for a driver that was 6' 3" im only 5' 11" so I think im going to have to raise it since I cant see much over the dash. Thanks, Leo
  12. Ill be driving a limited mod this season and was wondering how high my seat or should I say how high should I be over the dash panel? Is there a rule of thumb of what a driver should see looking out , for example when im in the car should i be able to see the left front tire , or is it not important to see that tire? Please help im new to short trakin , converted drag racer. Thanks Leo