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    Well unfortunatlely I think Gordon will get everything straightend out this year but in a surprise move I think Jamie McMurry will be the ROY this year with A.J. Foyt's son in second.
  2. Old Pictures of Young Faces

    Probrobly in a bad way! Still looking for more to scan... I am guessing this was around 83 or 84... Is that safe to say...BTW the name over the #37 which is obscured by the scan is Buddy if that helps...
  3. Old Pictures of Young Faces

    Last but not Least... #6
  4. Old Pictures of Young Faces

  5. Old Pictures of Young Faces

    #4 Note: In the background a very young John Kelly
  6. Old Pictures of Young Faces

  7. Old Pictures of Young Faces

  8. ROMCO ruling

    Here is a simple question. Besides TMS where would this body be that signifigant of an advantage and why? If any one knows please explain.
  9. What is the top Dirt Track in Texas

    I could only post 10 tracks in that poll for some reason I thought Kennendale and another track were the same should have made the last option as other. Sorry about once again...
  10. Best Track For ROMCO

    Personally I think that North bound corner of the 35/410 interchange could be pretty tricky. lol
  11. In the sprints was that the same Chip Godfredson that used to run at SAS in LM?
  12. Newbie

    Thanks Nick I knew you would have a more intelligeble answer than mine...
  13. Newbie

    I don't know if this is right or not but I don't think they will let you do that becasue of the possibility of an exhaust leak in the drivers compartment... I would call Mike at SAS to find out for sure... I don't think they would allow that in alot of the different series inculding TPS... Maybe Nick can shed some light...