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  1. The Silver Chupacabra

    Congrats on your win Cory... BTW if you look at Mylaps even the slowest car wins a race everynow and then... lol... Congrats again sir...Not always the fastest car but the fastest thinker that wins...

    Im fairly certain that Tator would be there if it happened...

    Did you try Westbrook? Or try SSS Steel as well...
  4. Speedfest Pre-registration List

    Maybe Im seeing some fuzzy math here but if your taking 20 out of 3 heats then which heat will have one less transfer spot. I'd think it would be easier to take 21. Top 7 from each heat maybe...or run 4 heats and take 5 to get 20.... You have enough trucks you could run a 20 lap B main... Run 3 heats take the top 4 out of each heat then take the top 8 out of the B... One thing is for sure... Its a nice problem to have lol...Too many trucks...
  5. ATTN: SportMods

    Rules are supposed to follow the IMCA Southern Sport Mod rules as thats pretty much what area track use.. Isn't that tire a bit soft for asphalt. I kinda remember hearing about someone trying to use those tires in Corpus to see what they will do and tore up a set after about 20-25 laps... I may be wrong tho...
  6. WooHoo He finally wins

    Finally.... Think that crew chief change helped... Also like they said on FOX that was the happiest and most vocal he had been in a long time. I imagine he will get a few more this year... Marc
  7. 2 x 2 Racing Daytona

    LOL... Not a fan of either just making a point. Just tired of people playing in fantasy-land because they feel their driver is getting shafted... If you ever raced for points you might understand. I'm pretty sure when you go to whatever track you goto you care more about the win and your $XXX payout than where you are in the points. Simple comparison Cut down a tire, go a lap down you pull off. If your in the points you put a tire on and hope others fall out to gain spots and points. Two totally different thought processes... Jimmie and Chad are the best driver/crew combo out there currently and until they are broken up there won't be much changing at the top because they are smarter than everyone else. For instance until Kyle Busch becomes more consistent and use his head more he will never win a championship.. You don't drive for points for a system that doesn't exist at the current time. To try to compare what he did to what he might have, could have, would have, should have done is asinine because you will drive differently under different parameters. Case in point Jimmie over since 2006 has 35 wins I believe 13 of those wins came in the chase more than double that of any other driver that has made the chase since 2004... Fact. BTW there are all kinds of different point structures at local tracks some like the chase some not... Like being able to drop one two races. Being able to drop a race or 2 from the first 75% of the season then unable to drop after that point.(I-37) Taking your best 30 finishes over your first 55 starts (IMCA) Just to name a few that dont use straight forward plain vanilla point standings... They are all different and all require different strategy.
  8. hoosiers or american racers

    Kinda depends on the class of car... I believe the Hoosier is a softer tire vs. the AM Racer. So if your looking for longevity then the AM Racer is a good tire. If your looking for better grip sacrificing longevity then that Hoosier is better. Then again you could just soak the AM Racers... No one does that tho...
  9. 2 x 2 Racing Daytona

    The JJ wouldn't have won 5 championships excuse is soo damn tired. Almost as tiring as the excuses as to why Junior can't win a damn race...
  10. Woods Brothers WIN!

    Obviously he wasn't racing for points and had nothing to loose... One way to look at it. He had no intentions of racing for the Sprint Cup points championship nor the rookie of the year championship. He elected to run for the glory and the seat time. This was brought about by everyone and their dogs complaining about the Cup guys ruining the Busch/Nationwide series and stealing championships from the up and comers.
  11. Woods Brothers WIN!

    Really awesome... He did what he had to do to win and did it clean. Great job on the spotters part to let him know when to move in front of cousin carl... Him and Reagan Smith had great runs...
  12. Daytona

    I'll agree with the plates - but if you make em faster they would need more spoiler - less would make em go airborne too easy. Thats what the higher fences are for.... :-P

    I want to say 2004....
  14. Opinion on Foam in Fuel Cell

    If you do end up running foam in your fuel cell make sure to change it out over a period of time like 1-2 years. What usually happens is the foam degrades overtime and flakes away, sometimes stopping up your fuel filter giving you unconsistant fuel delivery. It will drive you nuts if you don't consider it when you have an issue and have foam in the tank...
  15. NASCAR changes scoring system - adds wild card element

    Bitter... Party of one, your table is ready... I think it will make things a bit more interesting... wonder how they will break ties for the 2 wildcards....
  16. You call it..

    Jason Stanley and he will turn a... 16.255....
  17. Good spark plug for manifolds

    AJ I have had pretty good luck with NGK's VR5 #3332 plug... Used them for the last 2 Years and changed the plugs 3 times each year no issues... $2 a plug...
  18. set up help

    Naw those 3 are just some of the best fender racers in South Texas I think there will be plenty of streetstock races at I37 where you can put a blanket over the top 3.
  19. set up help

    I'd put a 2.56 in it run it in first... let it eat...should turn 60-6200... or if you have a motor that can handle rpm then run a 2.73 thats of course if you have a 7.5" rear... if not it's a moot point...
  20. LLM Rules ?

    What about the metal plates In drivers heads...?
  21. Starting issues

    Don't forget to check your grounds... If there is a loose ground that can cause the problem as well. I know had it happen to me... When it happened to me the color of the spark had changed to an orange I believe... Just something to think about...
  22. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone... Hope they you all get the racing parts that you asked for this year.......
  23. Just unretire MA sure quite a few people will get a kick out of it... Kinda nostalgic
  24. Getting ready for the Snowball Derby

    Hey Deb I'll be out there Thur's afternoon if you need any help with anything... Let me know if ya need some help... Marc