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  1. HMP Videos 7-9-11

    Yeah I remember that vividly... Mainly because I was the one that took the picture and along with Lance Gaither's help managed to eventually get him out of the car... I also remember that we had a hard time getting him out because 1. The car was on fire... 2. Jason could not get out of the car without taking his helmet and hans off. 3. Lance and myself didn't know how to get the Hans unhooked at the time. It could have been alot worse than it was... I'll never forget that... I'd post the pic if I could find it but I have no idea where it is now... Marc
  2. HMP Videos 7-9-11

    Practice helps to a point... Most people don't practice with their helmet hans ect on... Alot of the problems when exiting the car is too small of an opening to get out with all safety equipment on... When the real thing happens you can't practice panic and the disorientation of the accident that put you there in the first place. I am not sure but I think in the case of this legends wreck the door may have been jammed not sure if it was that or just panic from the drivers standpoint. Good news is that a really bad situation turned out ok.
  3. HMP Videos 7-9-11

    I'll give you two guesses and the first one don't count... Hint he hasn't crossed the line second once this year... @ HMP
  4. HMP Videos 7-9-11

    Closest thing they have to a true firetruck there is the pickup seen early on in the video with fire suppression equipment in the bed. Big atta boy to Steve Green who came on to the track and literally ripped the roof off of the Legend to help get that boy out of that car. Kinda brought back some memories for me from a few years back there with Jason Young but that's a whole other story... One thing is for sure and I have personally seen it myself. Please all drivers wearing a HANS or other Head and Neck Restraint take a little bit of time and make sure you can get out of your car with your Helmet and Neck Restraint attached. If you can't there is something wrong... There will come a time when every second counts and if you have to take your gear off inside the car to get out that just takes more time than you need. Just a fair warning... Marc

    Wow.... That is one hell of a good job on the graphics... Best I have seen all year... I wish I didnt have a prior commitment to be in Houston to be there to see how things went at the track... Good job all around... Need to figure out a way to make it an annual event in my opinion...
  6. HMP Videos 7-9-11

    Too bad that the 25 car in the LM was DQ'd for causing that wreck with the flip.... Too many wrecked racecars last night...
  7. Texas Thunder Spwy LIVE Updates 7/3/11

    So when does the real race start... Ya know the one where the announcers start wrecking err I mean racing...
  8. Thunderhill Raceway Driver and Owner Meeting

    Guess no live updates either... Suspense.............
  9. I-37 Raceway LIVE updates 6/25/11

    Believe something happened to his computer.... Pure Stocks I believe the 89 of Minton won... Also had the 58 Car of Flanagan Flip on the frontstretch after getting into the tires coming off of 4... 88 second dont remember 3rd may have been Hilla... Mods 8g, 37, 29, and 67 top 4... Sportmods 66, 118, and I think the 99 in third...
  10. Car Counts vs. Purse

    Aaron..In the terms of purse, the upper classes are getting gutted in the scenario you posted. Id find it hard to believe that alot of guys that are not racing now would race for less. Especially in the TSRS and Mod classes which honestly is what the majority of fans come to see... Lower payouts can work on dirt because there are lower expenses to the driver. Just ask any driver that made the switch from asphalt to dirt but Im sure you already brought this up with Terry or Duane. I honestly think now is the time to ask the people who are not racing, why, and what needs to change for them to come back. But in some cases that might be a bitter pill to swallow...
  11. New THR/HMP Modified Rules?

    If they are going to match the Gulf Coast rules as have been mentioned earlier, you should be able to use the ones on the 5 Flags Speedway website... 5Flags Modified Rules 2011
  12. Car Counts vs. Purse

    Just wondering but since the fan-count its self looks like it has been good.... Would it be advantageous at all for the track to run more often but with fewer classes... In other words you have 2 groups of 5 or 6 and alternate weeks racing everyone gets to race.... Group one. Modifieds,Trucks, Thunderstocks Mini's and Bando's... Naskarts run during intermission 15 laps w/ 5 lap dash... Group two. TSRS, Sportmods, Street stocks, Grand stocks, and rotate Allison's or Dwarfs... Naskarts run during intermission 15 laps w/ 5 lap dash... Group one alternates with the HMP schedule so that the Mods and Trucks and race at both if they wanted. If the track were to do something like this you can shorten the time of day you have to be at the track. Open at 4 for practice 10 min per class x 2... Practice ends at 6... Time Trial the top 2 classes starting at 7. 8 Lap heats for the rest. Features start at 8ish... 50 Laps for Mods and TSRS, 30 for Trucks Sportmods and Streetstocks, 20 for the rest except for Bando's and Naskarts... The hope is with added laps and shorter day more cars would be inclined to race in a given class and feel like they are getting their money's worth... Just an idea to pass along out there... Just depends on if the track were to want to run every week this would also solve some of the complaints like (too many classes, takes to long, some feeling like they are wasting a full day starting at 11-12 ect, not wanting to be in the heat of summer all day...ect) Anyhow its just a thought. Fire away.... LOL
  13. rules?

    They are on Goodyears now for one... I think you will also have to have a HANS to run in the thunderstocks if they put you there... Other than that you might have to get with Jack before you tow the car up there I think his number is on the Thunderhill website...
  14. Busted Again

    Lol oh I bet there will be something... sometime... lol... Maybe it will be the shade of pink Kyle wears in his next commercial...
  15. Damn Tractor Tires!

    I hit one hard enough last year to bend a spindle just grabbed the wheel and spun it from lock to lock was lucky I didnt spin out in the process. If your going to try to take the short way around you bring em in play.. Kinda like having the old wall of tires on the outside and running the outside.
  16. Busted Again

    As found on Jayski.com... JGR teams face penalties for oil pans: UPDATE: The Joe Gibbs Racing teams of #18-Kyle Busch, #11-Denny Hamlin and #20-Joey Logano all face possible penalties after an issue was discovered in inspection Friday morning at Michigan before practice began. John Darby, Cup series director, said that all three Gibbs cars had oil pans that had not been submitted for approval before competition. "We had them pull (those) off and put what we're accustomed to, what has been submitted back on their cars,'' Darby said. All three teams face possible penalties for the infraction. "Chances are great (a penalty) wouldn't involve points,'' Darby said.(Hampton Roads)(6-17-2011) UPDATE: Joe Gibbs Racing had unapproved- and unusually heavy - oil pans seized from its three NASCAR Sprint Cup cars Friday morning at Michigan International Speedway. Officially, the issue was that the oil pans had not been submitted for approval by NASCAR, a standard procedure for the thousands of parts and pieces on race cars. But a bigger issue ultimately might be weight. While a standard NASCAR Sprint Cup oil pan weighs about 4 pounds, the three taken off the Gibbs cars weighed an estimated 20-30 pounds apiece. Competitors contacted by SPEED.com and FOXSports.com said the heavy oil pans would allow the teams to remove weight elsewhere in the car and put it low and on the front of the car, which could provide a handling advantage, perhaps a substantial one. Officials did not penalize JGR at the track but said in a statement, "NASCAR will discuss early next week if there will be any additional penalties assessed to these three teams."(SPEED)(6-18-2011)
  17. Crazy looking Winged Dirt Car Video

    How about this creation....
  18. On the Speed51 live updates they said he had to be cut from the car knew that couldn't be good... Hope he recovers and gets well soon.
  19. Sprint Pocono Race

    Found this on Jayski... NASCAR officials said the front left was too low on the Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota. Crew chief Dave Rogers said the car was 1/16th of an inch outside the tolerances already allowed by the governing body.
  20. Sprint Pocono Race

    YOU THINK CHILDRESS HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT ........OK SOMEONE CAN FILL IN THE BLANKS .. Wow thats almost like splitting hairs...

    Sounded like Colt had that car running well and kicking tail per the usual when he is in a car... Considering that someone would have to run a perfect race and zak finish a close second to win the bounty it certainly seems like the scales are tipped to his favor... I wonder if there is any thought to what to do with the bounty if he is deemed the cause of his own wreck... Though I don't really see that happening...CS
  22. I-37 gears

    Depending on the class I would guess a final of 6.33-6.78... a pure with 6.78 and a good motor should turn about 6800... Streetstocks may turn more than that...
  23. TSRS LM

    No...my car was such a piece of crap they didn't want the smell in the shop. LOL...
  24. TSRS LM

    Could be a reason why no results have been posted yet... But in reference to your other comment there is nothing in the rules or procedures that only the top 5 get teched... To me that means you can get teched at any time and if you dont go to tech or wait for tech then you could get dq'd as well...Not saying that is right just how I read it... Need to practice some patience and see what they do with the car's that left without getting teched...I say that because Mylaps does not show the dq's yet so I assume the results are still very unofficial or still being debated...
  25. TSRS LM

    I realize that and should have been clearer that I was responding to both... Just seems like it was a rather unfortunate night for quite a few people... Just curious tho were the cars that placed after 6th and 7th teched as well?