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  1. HMP, Went to a fight and a truck race broke out.

    I dunno sometimes it seems more like Jerryworld complete with a 3 ring circus and a promised video board for replays...
  2. HMP, Went to a fight and a truck race broke out.

    More like dirty side... Trust me if I had something to drive down there I would...
  3. HMP, Went to a fight and a truck race broke out.

    This we can agree on and lately in a lot of classes there has been plenty of ass jackery to go around and less rivalries... That might be good for HMP on the stands side but eventually its going to hurt the product on the track. The more it happens the less drivers respect each other the more stuff gets tore up and the less appealing it is as a driver. Its getting less and less appealing for me to drive from San Antonio each race and I don't spend a 1/10th the guys in the classes above me do to race there. For me its about having a good time and having fun. Lately I havn't had much of either. But I still show up hoping that the next race will be better.
  4. HMP, Went to a fight and a truck race broke out.

    That kind of logic is about as valid as someone telling you that your opinion doesn't matter til you have a top 5 when more than 5 cars are on the track... Mind you your opinion does matter and everyone's opinion should matter either good or bad... I don't want guys wrecking me or worse yet getting involved in their wreck because they feel they can get away with it without any repercussions. At some point it gets old and it isnt fun anymore and people loose interest in racing at the facility.
  5. HMP, Went to a fight and a truck race broke out.

    Yes I do and drivers driving like a weapon is what precipitated the fight in the pits not the other way around... What came first drivers using their trucks as weapons or the crew guy bringing one with him?
  6. HMP, Went to a fight and a truck race broke out.

    So, you're putting the blame for a pit crew member coming out swinging with a deadly weapon on the track? Nick What about the drivers driving the deadly weapons on the track?
  7. HMP, Went to a fight and a truck race broke out.

    So, you're putting the blame for a pit crew member coming out swinging with a deadly weapon on the track? Nick Im not saying it was right but he had the Jackhandle to even out the odds... 10 - 2 or 3 are not good odds in that situation... Needless to say that handle didn't help out much... I think the point Bobby was getting at was that when you allow guys to wreck each other for the sake of the fans to keep them interested, the guys that actually do the work on the cars and trucks don't take kindly to it and in their minds they are going to meet force with force... Its all fun and games tho until someone gets hurt and the track or another driver gets sued. Then what? I do believe tho that things were escalated a bit when the jackhandle came out. If it wasn't out there it might have been just another heated pushing and shoving match but instead things went from Threat-Con Alpha to Bravo...
  8. Want to see something scary?

    Not much fun at all been there and got nailed in the process... Was the gauge on the left oil pressure or a tach? It was interesting watching it spike upwards just before it blew...
  9. SUPER TRUCK PURSE for Whelen NASCAR Night - July 20th

    Bruce, some break internally. Some have broken the cases. Ours were cases. Most of the trucks have a crossmember mount under the tranny but some have the rear mounts with the tranny hanging off the block. Wonder if having midplates would fix some of the issues? I know on the 76 truck we bolt to the block and mount to the tail with a crossmember...
  10. SUPER TRUCK PURSE for Whelen NASCAR Night - July 20th

    San Antonio was always hard on transmissions even back in the ARTS days. But trying to compare why is like trying to compare apples to oranges... SAS is bumpier you carry more speed which puts more stress on the chassis. More chassis flex = more problems with T350's cracking among other problems. If we're going to ask for Standards at HMP why not Powerglides? Other than trying to keep to the original ARTS rules at HMP why not consider Powerglides as an option. Im kinda curious why the Powerglide has not been an option in the past...
  11. Long horn speedway

    If you do tons and tons of promotion, have almost free hot dogs, cokes and beer, totally free parking, and kids, elders, military, teachers and miscellaneous friends get to just walk in, it will be a smashing success. I think my sarcasm detector is off the charts... lol
  12. Comments on Our Experience Visiting CTS

    One thing that definitely needs to be looked at is keeping people off the fence in 1-2... Why the barriers that were there in the past to keep people from getting to close is beyond me. That simple sign that says to stay back off the fence isn't going to protect people from themselves. Just my .02...
  13. Same Ole Show!

    In my area the system that seemed to work the best was the point average system. High point average cars to the rear low to the front. Cars that miss a race or no point average start behind the high average cars. Your best drivers will be at the front at the end of the race. This just makes for better more exciting racing than... Another good system that I have seen is where the field is set by passing points in the heats but I dont know enough about the system to give a better explaination. I believe the USMTS uses this point system as well as others. Starting straight up sucks for the fans because there is little passing... Just my .02
  14. Super Stocks

    I see a car in that first pic that looks mighty familiar to me... Wish I had that darn car back sometimes... lol
  15. Sounds as though it would be better to just run the Fri classes on an alternating Saturday. Its not like it is more expensive to open on a Sat. vs. Sun. They would get a larger car count fan count ect. than they would running on a Fri. Ive seen it happen at I37 when they made the switch... Just my .02
  16. Super Stock Invitation

    Couldn't you get away with running different offsets in the place of the spacers?
  17. Interesting entry for San Antonio April 20th.

    If you look back in the dusty old archives of Texas Speedzone... There was a lenghty post about a Young Kyle Sirrizotti racing legacy cars and racing at SAS I dont remember how old he was at the time but I think he was around 13 or 14... maybe younger... If someone has the time to find it we are saying the same things now that were said then...
  18. UNOFFICIAL Texas Racing Poll

    ASCS Sprint Cars at Devil's Bowl...
  19. Tony Stewart has his say...

    In Tony's interview I almost think he was more pissed off at getting the water bottle thrown at him... In regards to Logano's comments at the time of his interview he didn't know Hamlin was hurt and on the pavement. In other interviews after finding out he was hurt he made much different comments... Like this from USA Today... "It happens. You don't ever want anyone to get hurt; you don't ever want anything to happen, especially to Denny. We were racing really hard there at the end of the race. "I wish there was a SAFER barrier down there, and I wish I knew before I made any comments on TV also." Either way between Hamlin and Stewart... Logano has got to be looking over his shoulder in the coming weeks/...
  20. HMP Double Feature Night Videos 3-16-13

    Hummmm.... Pot Stirred...
  21. HMP 3/4 Lap Times

    Any idea when the lap times from HMP on 3/1 will be posted? Looked for the past few days and had not seen them updated... Thanks....
  22. Loss of Donny Horelka

    Ditto.... Rest In Peace Donny... You will be missed...
  23. HMP NASCAR Season Opener - March 2nd

    They have alot of room for parking so I would thing they would... Just no hookups or anything...
  24. Pro Trucks in Pcola/Mobile

    Was looking at schedules for races to watch this year and noticed that both Pensacola and Mobile are running the Pro Trucks this year and some dates are on offweeks from Houston... Rules look the same... First date that doesnt conflict with Houston is April 6th... Sounds like fun...
  25. ideas to get fans in the stands

    Close a popular track down let it sit for 5 years then reopen it.... Worked for SAS Only kidding... Honestly tho a track has to have something to bring the people back... Be it close racing, good car counts, or good rivalries when there is a buzz in the stands the fans tell their friends n so on...