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  1. car make it to scrap?


  2. How much is it to practice on none schedule dates
  3. Update

    Any updates??
  4. Rain out May 30 - Make up June 6

    To bad it being run on public school graduation weekend. And I as a school board member have to be there but also my brother is graduating.
  5. speedway up for auction?

    What a shame so many great childhood memories. Atleast I got one race on her.
  6. Damn I thought I was Gana have a chance this year oh well. #slowcarproblems
  7. Looking for schedule

    Thanks y'all for the update. See y'all Saturday
  8. Trying to find the schedule for this weekend. Anyone have any ideas???
  9. Which Night?

    Saturdays are the best
  10. Sport Compact oil

    Also change the oil about every 3 races helps keep wear and tear down
  11. New TPS Drivers at CTS

    The #4 car is in fact a 1995 Hyundai Accent. Hopefully I can get enough help and replace the engine and tranny on it it's worn out